Gdiapers, What Do You Think?

Updated on August 07, 2008
A.B. asks from Tulsa, OK
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Hi! I am a SAHM with a 19 month old boy. I can't quite convince my hubby that we should use cloth diapers, but both of us would like to be more eco friendly. I found these gdiaper, but don't know anybody that uses them and would like to know from someone that has used them what they think. Are they really that easy?

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So What Happened?

Ok, so I bought the gdiapers and so far they have been GREAT! Don't have it down to a science yet, but I can see how it is different for everyone. Our only worry is getting them to flush with out clogging the toliet everytime. No leaks, even with my heavy night wetter. BM have not been any problem. I really hope others will considering using them since they are much better on our enviroment then the old disposables. If you are looking to purchase them in the Tulsa area a store called Lundeby's Eco Baby at 3638 South Peoria Avenue carries them. It is also a wonderful store for eco friendly and all natural baby items. Thanks to all of those for your responses. I am also considering switching to cloth and using the gdiapers on the go.

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answers from Fayetteville on

We LOVE our G diapers!

We've never used the flushable liners. We got these cloth liners that fit into them perfectly. You can find some online. If you're interested, I can measure them and give you the dimensions. I've heard the flushable liners are a pain.

Here's how to convince your husband: cloth diapers come to about $300-$400, total, for the entire time your child will be in diapers. Disposables come to about $2,500. You can also sell your cloth diapers when you're done with them, or save them for the next child, making them even more cost-effective.

*And* your husband will never have to take out the smelly trash.

*And* you're doing something much healthier for your baby.

I really enjoy Bumkins. They're so easy. You just put them on. There are no absorbent things to add and no water-proof protective covers to add. They're all in one.

Pocket diapers are great, too, and you can make them very cost-effective by getting "one size" pockets. They grow with your child. They're also very easy. We love our Swaddlebees one-size pockets! Very cute, and soft and so simple.

Please write if you have any more questions. Congratulations on your little one, and on wanting to do something so good for him or her, and for the Earth!


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answers from Huntsville on

I'm sorry I've never used these, nor had I heard of them before! But after reading over their Web site, I may try them whenever we have our second baby! Or I could make my sister try them first! haha :)

I hope someone here has used them & can tell us more!



answers from Tulsa on

I'm a sahm to my son 5 and my daughter is 6m and we have used cloth for 3 months. I bought most of mine used on craigslist. I have spent like $250, I will only spend maybe another $100 before she is out of diapers. So HUGE savings there! We use pocket diapers, they are great. Even at night, all I do is stuff more in them. My favorite are Happy Heiny onesize, they are grandma and babysitter friendly! Check out for free shipping. With you son being a little older you will be able to have fewer dipes. Maybe only 12-18 depending weather you wash every two or three days. Also if you are going to have more babies or sell them when he is pt you will save so much! Good luck and happy diapering!



answers from Tuscaloosa on

Cloth diapering is wonderful...if you are a SAHM and never have to have a baby sitter. My advice is to keep a few disposables on hand in the right size, just in case you have to put your child in someone else's care. I found it was very hard to "teach" someone on the fly how to use cloth diapers correctly.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I have never used a gdiaper on any of my children and i have 3 children at this time. That is one of the silliest things that i have ever heard because everyone has been using regular diapers for many many years and nothing has happened yet. There is nothing wrong with using cloth or regular diapers so if you want to use the gdiapers or whatever you call them then i say do so. Why would you let another person no mater who it is tell yu what to use on your child and you are the one at home with him all day long day in and day out. That is nonsense because i would not let anyone tell you what to use on your child as long as it is nt harmful to him you are okay.good luck with whatever decision that you choose to use!!!!



answers from Fayetteville on

We have a one year old daughter who has been in gdiapers from day one and we've loved them. We have sort of created our own system though. Rather than using the "flushable" inserts that come in the package, we use chinese prefolds and save the inserts for when we're going out. Here's our reasoning - the gdiaper covers are awesome cloth diaper covers; we've never had a leak. A package of 2 covers with inserts costs $20. Since our daughter was born, we've invested the following: 6 covers (different sizes) and 30 cloth prefolds ($1 each on internet), which totals at less than $100 for one year of diapering! Can't beat that! Anyway, I don't think that using the inserts really saves any time, and you do have to have excellent plumbing to send those down the pipes.

Last suggestion - if you plan to use cloth, make sure you have an excellent washer and make sure to always add a little vinegar to the wash to get rid of any smell. We have an energy efficient front loader that works great and we try to save energy by hanging the diapers out on the line to dry (which is another way to bleach diapers anyway).

They're much cheaper and much better for the environment - go gdiapers!



answers from Jackson on

We used them and didn't like them much. I felt like I had to use two inserts most of the time which is expensive and still felt like I was wasting even though they flushed away in the toilet.
However I think they can be a nice middle ground for those that don't totally want to cloth diaper. I know ppl that use Gdipes happily. I do think they are super cute :)



answers from Birmingham on

Hi! I have used gdiapers some on my 9 month old for 3 months and reallylike them. I am working on sewing some cloth diapers to work like washable inserts. That way, I can take disposable inserts when we go out and cloth ones at home. I am trying to make some with microfleece in the middle as I've heard it's more absorbent. I guess I'll try and see. I would love any advice on how to do these if anyone has been successful.
Alos, if anyone knows of somewhere in the Birmingham area to purchse them, I would love to know. Whole Foods no longer carries them in our area. They are trying to get them back.
To Kendra - There is a reason moms are choosing cloth diapers again. Disposable are filling up our planet and take 500 years to even begin breaking down. Go to and watch the video.


answers from Fayetteville on

I haven't used them (YET) but after looking at their website feel it is a GREAT idea! I've considered just buying the intro box to see how it goes. My youngest is 6.5 months so I have diapers to go for a while! :)



answers from Florence on

I don't know anything about gdiapers, but I used cloth diapers on most of our nine kids, when we were at home. Going out, we usually used disposable. Another hint for cloth diapers; when you are ready to wash a load, start at night,dump the whole bucket full into your washer, put it on spin. Then put it on soak cycle over night (or simply fill the machine with warm soapy water and leave in machine over night). Put it through a regular hot cycle in the morning and hang on the outdoor line to let the sun bleach them..never use bleach on diapers, it's harsh on baby's skin.



answers from Lake Charles on

I used cloth diapers for my 36 year old because that was all we had. Do you know the work that comes with cloth diapers as opposed to throw away? I would have to agree with your husband, and after a few washings, you may also change your mind.

Good Luck
S. Miller



answers from Lawton on

I just looked these up they are really cute. I am a cloth diapering mom and even though these are cute i would stick with what i am doing now simply becasue even though you are being eco freindly it still cost more than cloth diapering,lol. It took 2 kids and half way through our 3rd for me to convince hubby to use CD's now that we are on our 4th i rub it in his face how easy is this and we could have saved about $4000 by now. The money part is usually what gets him to come around. They do not want anything to do with them at first then they start to think they are "cool" and he may change the diaper ever now and then. The stinky ones are and have always been the difficuly ones even with dissposables so good luck there. I couldnt tell you about g diapers per say but they look very similar to all cloth and they are very easy once you get your routine going. So just keep showing him the pros and cons and how much better for the enviroment it will be. Good luck =)

Oh I should add I use one sized pocket diaper called baby Kangas, I also use a few Bum genuis one size pocket (pockets dry faster than All in ones but they are basically the same)I love them both.

I also had to comment on what Kendra said in a early reply. Are really so niaeve to think that your 5 city blocks of diapers that take 500 years to decompose in a landfill are nothing happening? Yes your child is safe but is his child going to be safe or his afterward. This is our earth shouldn't we take try to take care of it so our kids dont have to do all the work?



answers from Oklahoma City on

I used all different types. The vast majority I got from a web site called diaperswappers
I would STRONGLY suggest she avoid diapertraders - the owner of the forum is a looney toons.
Do you know how big her child is? I'm needing to get rid of my stash and would be willing to sell some (or all of them for that matter) to her.
As far as G diapers go, they have their pros and cons. I've not personally used them but from the discussions I've read about them the liners do not dissolve well in septic systems and are expensive. Some mommas have bought the G diaper covers and just used them over regular fitteds or w/a lay in soaker rather than use the G diaper inserts.
I would be happy to chat w/her directly or answer any more questions I can through you, which ever works better. If you have any other questions yourself I'm more than willing to let you pick my brain, just ignore the random piles of stuff... ;-)


Let me know if you would like to talk to Mandie, hope it is helpful. Thanks. H.
Mom of 7yr old boy.



answers from New Orleans on

We were given the starter kit (plus 4 extra liners, 2 extra covers and a box of flushable inserts) of gdiapers at a baby shower and I was thrilled b/c I wanted to try not to use disposables. At the beginning we had some trouble with leaks, but that was resolved once we started putting the gdiapers on correctly--the "g" goes in the back :)

Our babysitters don't really mind using them either, but they do usually use disposables when going out for long periods of time.

I will say that our plumbing (in a home built in 1925) does not really like the inserts being flushed no matter how much you stir them. Therefore, I find that we normally tear the edges as you should for flushing and then we just put the interior fluff and outside part of the insert into the trash where they will degrade quicker than disposable diapers. I believe I remember reading that you can put the ones with just urine into a compost, but you should check on this before trying it.

I think gdiapers are great concept and am happy to read the responses to your post b/c I am now going to try using washable cloth inserts instead of the flushable ones.
Happy diapering & parenting!



answers from Lafayette on

Hello A.,
I have used g-diapers off and on with my two kids, a boy and a girl. We used them when we travelled or were camping as we use cloth at home. They are really great! The only thing is if your sewer system is not newer or there are any drain problems with your toilet you cannot flush the g-diapers. This is really important. You can compost the inner filling of the diapers if they only have urine in them but not the BM ones. You must double the insert at night to prevent the diaper from overfilling and having a soaked baby in the morning. The covers were easy to wash with the laundry. I only had two covers and so ended up washing them by hand mostly to ensure I would always have one dry cover to change into. Price may be a deterent, however. Cloth diapers are by far cheaper if you go with regular Gerber diapers ($19/dozen) and a waterproof cover by Kushies ($7.99/cover). Hope this helps.

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