Gdiapers and a Chubby Baby

Updated on March 28, 2011
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Hey I'm wanting to try out gdaipers to get out of my cloth rutt. I want to use it as an alternative to disposables when I feel super lazy when we go out and about. BUT my son is a chunk. He's 17 months and 32 lbs. He has the thighs that most mom's just want to pinch and just jiggle the heck out of. Sooo. . .I'm a bit wary of the fit. Anyone with chunky babies and gdiapers?

**Yup I use cloth diapers, and right now I just am soo lazy when it comes to them when out in public. I love them soo much, but I want to streamline my purse/diaper bag when I go out, or at least have more space for other things rather than fluff!

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So What Happened?

It's because of genetics. I don't over feed my son, I feed him healthy try to do organic. He has been a chunk since he was first born. I can't stop that. My family all the guys are huge, they too were giants as babies. His dad's side is the same way. Don't assume that because he's large, he's being overfed. No only is he a chunk, but he's also tall. He looks like he could be 4.
***Thanks ladies, we have talked PM style and we have cleared things out. She just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything medically wrong, not me overfeeding him or letting him rot away at the tv. Thanks for your support and you all are amazing!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

You didn't have to respond to that rude woman. What business is it hers to even make a comment like that?! Your son is darling, who cares what anyone says! I just don't understand why so many women on this site feel the need to be bitchy and catty. She didn't even respond to your question, seems like she just wanted to give her unwanted two cents about your son! Anyway, I don't have an answer for you but wanted to give you some support! :)

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answers from Fayetteville on

BabyGs dont fit chunky babies very well.

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answers from Kansas City on

Ugh, seriously. My son was 35 lbs at 12 months, and today is a perfectly healthy 3 year old. Pay no attention to people like that. I'm so sorry!

I use cloth on my kids, but have never tried g-diapers. Do you already use cloth, but use sposies when you're out? I keep Seventh Generation diapers on hand for some occasions. Like, when the kids stay with my Dad who is not really into cleaning out a poopy cloth diaper, haha. The thing I do know about g-diapers is you either love them or hate them, and I know people who feel both ways! Good-luck in whatever you choose and good for you for using cloth!

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answers from Birmingham on

I just LOVE how that woman decides to throw in her 2cents rudely and then not even answer your question. Really nice. Ugh

My SD was 28lbs at almost 4- that is super petite! Wore some 18months and some 2T clothes, closer to a 2yr old in height. So her son being 4 and close to your 17month old's weight doesn't mean ANYTHING bad about your son. Kids come in different builds, shapes, sizes etc If you're feeding him healthy and he's a normal active child for his age, don't even pay attention to anyone's rude comments.

Haven't used any yet (bun in the oven will be cloth diapered) but been asking lots of women for advice etc. I've heard gDiapers kinda sux on chunky babies, but Thirsties covers prefolds are supposed to be awesome for bigger babies and toddlers.

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answers from Dallas on

I used gdiapers on my daughter for a while, and she was chunky in the thigh/butt area at the time. They worked really well for her, but she wasn't quite as chunky as yours, I don't think. You could find somebody you know who uses them and give them a try before you commit to buying, if you want. We use Happy Heinys around here. They are great for my chunkers. =)

Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

32 lbs? My DD is 36 lbs and is 4. Have you thought about seeking an answer as to WHY your 17 month old is 32 lbs? God love ya, but somethin' just aint right there...Hope you find your answer....




answers from Boise on

I've also got a chuck - totally healthy!! :)

I have an idea for you if you want to be lazy, but if the gdiapers don't fit our chunky ones. What kind of cloth do you use? The Flip diapers have inserts that you wash, but you can reuse the outside until they get dirty (they are very similar in look to bumGenius, as they are made by the same company). Use those, and just put the gdiaper inserts in there. I have a friend that did that with the normal bumGenius, and she loved that. Plus, then you will have the flip inserts and can use those when at home too. Good luck.

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