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Updated on January 13, 2009
P.R. asks from Boyd, TX
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I was looking on line yesterday and ran across gDiapers, has anyone every used them and if so did you like them or not? I was also looking at the Chlorine free diapers has anyone ever used those?

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answers from Dallas on

We tried the gDiapers, with the inserts. They where ok. Kinda a pita to rip the inserts and swish themwhen you have a screaming baby. But you can toss them in the garbage since they are biodigradable. I used the covers with prefolds and ust LOVED it! The clorine free diapers (seventh Gen and the whole foods brand) work just fine, but they still are not very biodegradable. There are also these and these too

Oh and you could always go with cloth like these

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answers from Dallas on

I have not tried the gdiapers, but I do use a combination of seventh generation chlorine free disposable diapers and bum genius cloth diapers. I have nothing but rave reviews for both! The only suggestion I have for the 7th generation ones is go up one size than you think you need. They tend to run small.



answers from Dallas on

I actually use both "g" diapers and Chlorine free(seventh generation).
Here is my take on the gdiaper thing. I love the idea that the g's biodegrade and are much better for the environment, they also are great in the fact that there are no chemicals in them and my son has no skin reactions to them, but here are my con's:
the snap in liners are great except for poopy diapers dealing with that is time consuming, but my biggest grip is the little plastic snaps leave marks on baby's skin and I have yet to figure out how to combat that problem. There is a yahoo group on g diapers that have helpful hints, but it is still a process.
I use seventh generation chlorine free diapers and love them, that is what I use most often simply because they are easier and faster. I do like g's but only use them a few times daily mainly after I know the poop's are done for the day!
Hope this is helpful please feel free to ask me any specific questions!
Good luck,



answers from Dallas on

gdiapers are great -- and very economical and seventh generation is wonderful alternative -- I use them both

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