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Updated on July 29, 2009
R.D. asks from New York, NY
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Does anyone have experience using the gDiaper line of earth friendly disposable diapers? Is it a drag or easy? I like the idea, but don't want to make our lives more demanding.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your responses!!!! I'm not sure what Ill do, but I appreciate all of your different perspectives.
Thank you!!!!!

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I heard they are not very good. I use Thirsties cloth diapers and like them. they are easy to use and easy to wash.

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dear mom,

I LOVE gdiapers,

I love that all you do is switch up the liner and your set.
they look KEWl and fit well,
And everyone likes them

I used regular cloth prefolds as the insert, because they didn't offer them before.

And it was simple.

I just dump the poo in the potty,
and then in a laundry bucket with warm soapy water.

and then i would toss them in the wash.

No big deal.

SO EASY and you save so much money




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hi i'm a mom of four under three years old and pregnant with my fifth, due this winter.
i have used Seventh Generation diapers with all my kids and am planning to do so forever!!!!! =]



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I used gDiapers for a while, but my son still has several BMs a day (at 20-22months) so I was washing the whole gDiaper often enough that I decided to switch completely over to All-in-One cloth diapers (like Bum Genius and Happy Heineys). gDiapers have to be changed every 2 hours or less to keep from soaking through, and you have to waterproof the plastic liner frequently. The AIOs don't soak through like the gDiapers do, they contain messes much better, and then there is nothing to throw away. I found some slightly used ones on Craigslist, as I didn't want to pay full price when my son was (hopefully) near potty training age.



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I tried these on my 2 boys (10 months and 25 months) and they both peed through them a lot (they contain poo pretty well). It is just as easy as using disposable diapers if you buy enough (I would say get 5 or 6) and preload them so they are ready to go. I still use disposable diapers at night, and if we are going out (too much trouble to change their outfits if they leak through). I use the gdiapers if we are at home during the day.



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I used cloth diapers with a disposable liner until my son was about a year...I used borax in the laundry...not that big of a workload. After that i ordered diapers that were way too big and, as cloth diapers are very expensive, I switched to Seventh Generation disposables. I did try other environmentally friendly brands, but these were the best by a longshot.



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I haven't used gDiapers, though I considered it. I am a cloth-diapering Momma, I use BumGenius, Haute Pockets, and Happy Heiny's. I know that gDiapers have the washable covers, right? Instead of a wet laundry pail, we use "wet bags" for our dirties between loads. We have four, two small and two large. The two large we keep in her room, they keep out most smells :) and zip all the moisture in. You can find cool patterns and they're really cute. When you do laundry, you just unzip them and toss them in the washer, the diapers fall out on their own. The two smalls we keep for the diaper bag, they hold 5-8 diapers each. Try for pics of all that! Good luck and feel free to send me a message if you want more info! I LOVE cloth diapering, and was quite skeptical at first!



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I used the gdiapers with my first daughter until she was about 10 months old. Then she started peeing through them. I loved them and felt so much better about using them than other disposables and you use less water than cloth diapers. They just aren't absorbant enough for the amount of water my daughter drinks! Good luck!

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