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Updated on January 24, 2009
S.W. asks from Saint Anthony, ID
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I am thinking about using gdiapers for my 2 month old son. I wanted to know if anyone is or was using them and how they liked them and why. They are kind of expensive to get started with them and I would like some opinions on well they worked and if they leak and how easy or hard they are to use.

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answers from Denver on

My mother got me gdiapers for my baby shower. They are size M. My daughter (not 7mo.) still does not fit them, and I am going to sell them on craigs list, since I have not heard anything WONDERFUL about them at her age.

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answers from Fort Collins on


I have heard good things about the GDiapers, but they certainly are expensive, and they do leave a greater impact on the environment than a true cloth diaper. Also, if you have an older plumbing system, you might have problems with them. My husband is a plumber, and he definitely doesn't think they are a great idea! Have you considered cloth diapering? There are some amazing diapers out there, waaaaay different than the prefolds and plastic pants of a generation ago!

I have been cloth diapering for over three years now, with occasional disposable use thrown in there. (I'm diapering my second baby.) I have to say that it is wonderful. It is not hard - I add two to three loads of laundry a week, and that's about it! They are way cheaper than either disposables or Gdipes. Best of all, they work so much better. I almost never have blowouts in my cloth, as opposed to disposables which blow out practically every time my daughter gets dirty! If you wind up putting a cloth insert in your G diaper, you might as well just buy a regular cloth diaper cover. They are pretty cheap and super cute, and they hold up really well.

If you want to chat about diapers, feel free to email me at [email protected] I love to talk cloth! I've used most every style out there, and several different brands. I have a chart that I have made up for several friends that outlines the different diaper styles available and their advantages & disadvantages. It's a great place to begin investigating cloth diapers.

Best of luck,

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answers from Denver on

S., we used gDiapers w/ our daughter and they are fantastic. The trick is to have a gDiaper ready to go in the diaper bag so that when it come time to change the diaper, you are not trying to get it together. I found that to work for us. Also, gDiapers are so gentle for baby and so good for the earth. I have some coupons for $2 off - let me know if you want them and I will send them to you.
Choosing to use gDiapers is such a simple way to lessen your impact on the environment. Really, I cannot say enough good things about them. Let me know if you want more feedback and I'll email more.
Take care, S..



answers from Denver on

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I LOVED using gdiapers. It started to become too expensive for me...I always had coupons for brand name diapers and when you combined that with clearance deals I just couldn't do it anymore. I still liked the gdiapers so much that I had a mom took all of our old burp cloths (just the gerber folded diapers) and we took an afternoon and figured out a good size and thickness(that took awhile because we had to consider comfort)and cut and sewed them into washable inserts for the gdiapers. Yes...I was washing diapers instead of getting to easily flush the gdiaper insert but I could still use the gdiapers and the liners and had no leaks. It was less convenient to go shopping but those gdiapers are so stinkin' cute that I just dealt with it for the cuteness. I loved how gdiapers fit my daughter...they were really comfortable for her, especially around the legs. As far as being easy to use...of course buying the inserts is easier than what I ended up doing. When I used the inserts it was easy because you just have some ready to go...just make up your gdiapers before you need them (which is super simple anyhow). Look on ebay because sometimes you can get deals and even discontinued gdiapers. They used to make them with cute patterns and different colors. It's not a waste to even just buy the start up pack and try it out...if it doesn't work for you just put them on ebay (they will sell fast) or craig's list. Totally worth the money!



answers from Fort Collins on

I had the same questions about Gdiapers. I heard about them on the radio today and was curious. Did you decide to use them? If yes, did they work?



answers from Denver on

I think they're great, expensive, but great.



answers from Denver on

I use them, and love them! They are more work, but they are better (I think) than cloth. I do not use them at night. (I don't think they hold up well to several hours of no changing) My baby is 5 months and have used them since she was about 2 months old. You can (and I Have been) buying them on ebay. I started with the starter kits, from King Soopers, you get 2 diapers and a few liners for $25. It is a good way to try them out without breaking the bank. They are kind of pricey to get a decent amount, I think you need about 6-8 covers and 8-10 of the inside plastic liner. I however do not recommend that you flush them. We have low flow toilets and they don't do so well in them. Even if you put them in the diaper genie you are still doing a good thing for the environment. (they still only take 15 days to degrade) They are in theory, more work, and more expensive to begin, but feel they are well worth it in the long run! Let me know if you have any other questions!



answers from Denver on

Love them. Love the idea of them. They flush easily when you follow directions, and though my son has only peed in them, I am impressed with how they work. (It's like best of both worlds as far as cloth and disposable diapers are concerned.) I didn't start using them until he was older (6 months or so), so I'm not sure how convenient they'd be with a younger baby. But even one or two gDiapers a day has a significant environmental impact over time. You might check out to find better prices. Good luck - I hope they work for your son.




answers from Denver on

Hi S.,
I LOVED the gdiapers the first 3 months; the g-pants work perfectly with cloth diapers as well -- to save money on buying the gdiaper refills. As my daughter grew and waste volume increased, I found the g's leaked a little more often than I wanted to clean. They are the best of eco-friendly diapers, especially during the time you will go through the most diapers (birth to 10-12 pounds) - I'm happy I used them and cloth dipes exclusively until she went to daycare at 3 1/2 months - that at least cut out lots of disposables in landfill during that time. She's 7+ months now, and I've since given in to the chlorine-free disposables, the lesser of the disposable diaper evils.

There are several reviews for g-diapers at the Diaper Pin website:

Hope that helps.



answers from Denver on


I personally have not used the gDiapers, but was wondering if you have considered cloth diapers? They will save you a considerable amount of money over the gDiapers and disposables. Plus, you can sell them when you are done to recoup some of cost (which already is pretty low!)
I am a huge fan of cloth diapers- my favorite being the bumGenius and Thirsties. If you would like more info on cloth diapers, I have a few websites that I refer to on my site, Also, feel free to ask me any questions!

H. Gaitten
[email protected]



answers from Pocatello on

I just recently bought a medium starter pack of gDiapers to use on my almost 10 month girl at night. I cloth diaper during the day and I was using disposables at night. I have used the gDiapers about a week and I love them. They fit very well and she hasn't leaked. The poopy ones are a little worse than poopy cloth, since you have to tear them open. It is hard to find a clean section to hold. But they flush well. I don't think I would use them 24/7, but I really like them at night. I also ordered refills off the website, they gave me free shipping. Good luck.

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