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Updated on March 17, 2011
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
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I gave up my horrible addiction to fountain coke for lent. I hope to stay off of it permantely. I didn't drink diet and I would start with a 32 oz which is probably almost 400 calories per day. So I kind of thought that that I would loose a few pounds and so far I haven't. Someone told me that it might take sometime. Any idea how long it might take before I drop a couple of lbs?

I have been trying to drink sugarLESS tea and water in place of the coke.

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answers from Chicago on

To lose a pound you must cut 3500 calories. Lent has only been going on for 8 days. Multiply that by 400 and you've only dropped a grand total of 3200 calories, so it makes perfect sense that you haven't lost anything yet.



answers from Dallas on

I say give it time since it has only been a week. Since you are not drinking coke are you drinking any other sugary drinks in its place? If so, I would not think you would lose any weight.

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answers from Chicago on

It really all depends on your diet. What are you eating and drinking. You might have given up coke, but what are you drinking now, and you may not even realize it, but you may be eating more than you did before.

I recommend the website It is free and you can log all your food to get calories etc. They have a huge database already and I almost never have to enter a food to find calories. It helped me to drop 75 pounds before i got pregnant and since having the baby, I have been able to drop 23 pounds using the site.

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answers from St. Louis on

I would give it a month. It will happen.

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answers from San Francisco on

Well just cutting coke out of your life is not going to show a significant, visible change right away. Especially since it has only been a week. Giving up soda will be a start for a healthy change but if you are looking for results you should add in some exercising/physical activity and cut other unhealthy habits.

I gave up sweets for Lent. So I understand the toughness...I have been craving chocolate, cupcakes, ice cream, cookies :(
However I did not give it up for Lent to loose weight but because it is a time of sacrifice and self-restraint.

Hopefully you can stick with the cancellation of coke in your life for awhile but as far as seeing results, I can't imagine seeing a significant result if that is all you are doing to loose pounds. But if it is possible, then I would say definitely longer than a week...Good luck!



answers from Austin on

Depends on your age and metabolism, and a lot of other things. It's a great start though to cut out the extra calories and sugar. I know for me, pre baby, even at heavier times, I could make that kind of change and see results within a few weeks to a month. Now, post baby-I've had to amp it up A LOT more exercise, healthy eating, everything to see even the tiniest changes....but don't give up! I am sure you'll feel the difference soon.



answers from Chicago on

I am sure you should see some weight loss no problem..also watch the calories and fat content on the food you are eating. If you are taking in a lot of calories and/or large portions then it won't matter that you gave up coke :)

Good for you!



answers from Detroit on

The biggest question is what have you replaced it with? If you replaced it with water then yes, eventually it will happen... But it takes about 3500 calories to gain a pound of weight... So you'll have to forgo 3500 calories before you either see a loss or maintain where your at (no more soda induced weight gain.)

If possible up your activity level and it will come off faster...



answers from Huntsville on

as long as you aren't subbing with other calories, I bet you will notice a diff by next week. It's roughly about 3500 calories per pound and with a 400 calorie reduction, you should drop a pound about every 9 days.



answers from Boston on

You should definitely lose weight, replace the soda with water. If you don't already exercise try walking a few times a week, that combined with taking in fewer calories will get you results even faster.



answers from Phoenix on

I gave up coke and all soda months ago. I have not seen a single pound lost until I started WW. Sorry, I wish it was as easy as that...I thought it would be too.


answers from Chicago on

That depends on what you're drinking in it's place.
If you've swapped it out for water, another week or two and you'll see some lbs fall off. (or at least, you'll notice your clothes are looser)

If you've swapped it out for juice, Crystal Light, lattes, etc... you're just trading calories for calories and you might as well have stayed with the Coke.

So...I'm not Catholic and don't know how long Lent has been going on, but if you've just plain eliminated 400 calories from your diet, that should be 1-2lbs week. If you're not seeing anything, I'm thinking that you might be making up for those calories elsewhere unintentionally.



answers from Erie on

Just wanted to say GOOD for YOU!! and stick with it you' will see the results!!


answers from Norfolk on

We pretty much gave up on everything that's carbonated. Water is good. If it gets a little boring, try adding a few drops of lemon or lime juice to it for just a hint of flavor. It will take several weeks to drop a few pounds.
A cup and a half of coleslaw (no dressing) is only 20 calories. You can put just a little dressing on it and keep it low cal. The cabbage will fill you up and will help flush your system.



answers from Philadelphia on

It kinda depends on if you're making up for the lost 400 calories per day with other things that might have 400 calories. If you were GAINING weight drinking that much soda a day, then maybe by cutting it out, you're merely MAINTAINING your current weight. Depending on how many total calories you're taking in, you might need to cut even more or start an exercise program. If you were maintaining your weight even while drinking the coke and haven't changed anything else about your diet, the weight SHOULD start to come off, just not in one week or even a couple of weeks. Give it at least a month. And good for you for giving up soda - it must be hard, but keep it up, your body with thank you in the long run!


answers from Williamsport on

Good work! You have to swap it for water, iced herbal tea (no sugar) and do some push ups or some other physical activity you wouldn't normally do when you fill up a coke, and then DON'T replace the calories elsewhere in your day. Then you'll see quite a few pounds come off quickly since that will be 400 calories less per day than normal, plus burning more than you used to, AND no scary sugar, chemicals and coloring causing inflammation and midriff gain. If you get those types of additives in your diet elsewhere, you could still see those effects even without the soda. You'll see the cumulative results when you've been good for several weeks.


answers from Los Angeles on

Im a coffee (loaded with a couple tbsp sugar & 10% cream) addict. I gave it up a week ago, now have coffee with splenda & 1% or skim milk, and the weight is dropping. I was already dieting, but success was minimal till I ditched the sugar & cream. I keep a food diary and measure portions for things like meat, cheese, rice/pasta/quinoa, and cut out bread. The flavored egg white creations are a quick filler & versatile, add in veg etc for a filling, tasty, low cal meal.



answers from Chicago on

Yes, about a month sounds right tp start seeing a difference. It takes time for your body to release the sugar and adjust. If you replaced it with good old water, it is a matter of releasing the sugar. But if you replaced with juice, not much difference. Depends on how you got rid of it. But, don;t give up!



answers from Milwaukee on

You may want to capitalize "coke." Your post REALLY caught my eye. YIKES!

Drink water or Crystal Light and do some type of work-out.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Coke has a lot of empty (not useful to your body) calories. So you've deleted a lot of calories if you've deleted the Coke. What you need to do now is to journal ruthlessly for a while to see what else you are eating or drinking that is different. Have you replaced the Coke with something else to drink - or to EAT - that's high calorie? I'm only asking because I know it's something I could do without even putting my brain in gear!

As I'm sure you know, you lose weight only when you expend more calories than you take in, and if you put in 3500 fewer calories per week than you put out (that's 500 calories a day), you should start losing some weight. But it's hard to know you're actually doing that unless you journal (well, unless I journal!).

So examine everything you're taking in, and also see what you can do to use up more calories, even if it's taking more trips up and down the stairs every day or parking the car at the far end of the lot.

Don't lose heart because of a slow start. This is a lifestyle change!


answers from Dover on

Well, it won't happen that quick. What are you drinking instead? If it is something other than water, keep in mind that it has calories too. I would suggest drinking primarily water, trying to eat a bit healthier (more fiber, vegetables, and protein), and maybe trying to get more exercise (even if just parking further from the store and having to walk further to go in). I would guess that if you do that, by the end of lent you should have dropped a few pounds.

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