Gastric Bypass / Heart Surgery Diets

Updated on March 09, 2010
M.S. asks from Geneva, IL
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I'm not having gastric surgery but I am getting in a swimsuit in 7 weeks (just found out). I'm about 50 lbs. overweight. So I know it's not great to loose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. I'm thinking 20-28 in 7 weeks would be ideal. When someone has gastric bypass or heart surgery they are given super strict diets and they are ok'd by thier doctor. I've heard of people loosing a lot before surgery. How do they do it? Is it a liquid diet? Have you had gastric surgery, what did you eat that made you drop?

Side note, I do a lot of physical work at my job. I don't sit at all, but I'm exhausted at the end of the day, and probably won't go jog 5 miles. Plus my kids miss me all day. I would be willing to do some situp/pilate stuff I can do at home. But mostly, I'm wondering what people eat.


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answers from Washington DC on

I was close to getting this surgery and I did a lot of research and had consultations. The easy part is the surgery, the hard part is getting the 1200 cal afterwards because of the small stomach size. I had to loose 20 lbs on my own and I did with, and I kid you not, by eating breakfast lunch dinner + 2 snacks and it was plenty of good food. I did so well and I cancled the surgery and lost over 65 lbs on my own. Now I had days I wanted to just swan dive into a tub of mashed potatoes with tub of ice cream on the side but I made it so far and I keep going. I also learned that I have to eat in order to loose instead of skipping meals and putting my system into starvation.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Low cal, high protein. You need to lessen the amount of calories that your body normally takes in so that your body starts to break down the fat. You could add a walk in the neighborhood at the end of the day with the kids, even if you have a park in your neighborhood. Just really watch what you eat and portion control...unfortunately I don't think there is any magical concoction of diets and diet pills that will do the work alone. You have to add the exercise component to make that diet work for you. Also cut down on the amount of soda you drink, all that carbonation really justs bloats you and watch the sugar intake as well. I needed to drop some weight and my goal was to drop at least 15-20 pounds in about 8-10 weeks. I stopped the sodas and sugar, watched what I ate, (including my calories and the good and bad carbs) and added some cardio. Proud to say that I reached my goal. Remember everyone is different, everyone burns calories at different speeds, and everyone's metabolism is different. Find metabolism boosting foods. If you check out website they have a bunch of gut busting foods/recipes and exercise ideas. Good luck!!! Anymore questions just ask!!!


answers from Chicago on

It could be the Atkins diet you are thinking about.
Superhigh in fat,no carbs.
Was intended to lose fast before heart surgery.
I would google the Atkins diet...................
I'm always for losing normal,healthy and keeping it of.
Good luck...........



answers from Indianapolis on

The diets you are referencing are widely regarding as dangerous and should only be followed under a physician's supervision.

Most people restrict their calories to unhealthy levels (and active adult should usually have no less than 1800 calories/day). Almost every dietician I've encountered over 10 years in the Diabetes industry have not recommended for patients to go much below this level. Much depends on your metabolism, your weight loss goals, etc.

Having sold weight loss products, I hate to put into perspective the truth about weight loss. But, healthy weight loss is usually defined as 0.5-1lb per week. Anything else is usually unsustainable and dangerous. Though you may be successful in your weight loss goals, you're likely not to be able to sustain the lifestyle to keep the weight off in the long run by losing it this quickly, and you'll likely gain as much back.

If possible, I'd highly recommend making an appointment with a dietician to get on a weight loss meal plan and a personal trainer who can help build lean muscle mass quickly + weight loss activities.

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