Gassy Nursing Baby

Updated on May 14, 2010
M.N. asks from Geneva, IL
5 answers

Any advice for a little baby boy that gets gassy from nursing very easily? He also has gerd so he spits up a lot which is normal with our kids. My daughter would eat and stop when full but my little son is always wanting to eat. So we have to watch out for over feeding him:) Any great advice would be helpful, especially since I have mom brain and remembering two years ago is sometimes hard!

Since we nurse we ocasionaly use a bottle if we have a sitter and we use Dr. Browns......

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answers from Dallas on

You can also use Milicone gas drops!



answers from Hickory on

My son did this too. We only had to change bottles to help. We finally found the "Dr.Brown" bottles. They worked great and his spitting up and gas was greatly less. He got full and stopped eating while using them.



answers from Cleveland on

Aww, poor little guy!

Have you tried eliminating allergens from your diet? maybe dairy? it will take several weeks for it to get out of your system, so be patient.

I know one mom whose daughtrers got upset stomachs when she (mom ) ate onions and garlic

Good luck

K. Z.



answers from Phoenix on

I love Wellement's Organic Gripe Water for gas and tummy troubles in general ( It's made from organic fennel and ginger, both of which aid digestion, and works for gas, colic, constipation, etc. Since you know he's gassy in general, you might want to try giving him a dose of gripe water and/or Mylicon gas drops BEFORE he nurses, to help ease his way through eating and hopefully minimize the spitting up. Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

My son was sensitive to what I ate, so I had to cut back on garlic,( and I love garlic) broccoli and it was A LOT better when I switched to almond milk instead of cows milk. I also interupted feedings to burp frequently.

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