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Updated on April 12, 2010
A.F. asks from Groton, MA
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My two month old seems to be really gassy. we have been using Similac sensitive and she has been okay but the doctor recommended Alimentum. Now I had tried this with my 6 year old when she was a baby and she flat out refused it. My husband and I tasted it, let me just is DISGUSTING! I was wondering if people had any luck with reducing gas with another type of formula? Thanks ladies!

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answers from Hartford on

Gripe Water is the best.



answers from Denver on

Hi A. - we had gassy babies too. Mylicon and baby massage worked wonders for us. Your baby is just the right age to start. You could check with the hospital where you delivered or even places like your local natural foods store or vitamin store or do an online search for - infant massage groton ma



answers from Nashville on

With our first, we used the Good Starts. However, she had incredible reflux and wound up at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital with her very own gastroenerologist when our pediatrician couldn't fix her. Believe it or not, we were on Nutramigen (the Enfamil equivalent to Similac Alimentum) and the Dr. immediately took her off of it and recommended the plain basic Good Starts. It was SO cheap compared to what we were used to buying! LOL But, it worked wonders for her. Then, with our second, he was put on the Enfamil Gentlease (however, we purchased the generic form from WalMart and Target). It worked really well for him. Of course, we also had Mylicon Drops on hand at all times. ;0) Good luck! And remember, you have to stay with a new formula for at least 14 days before making a decision as to whether or not it is/isn't working.



answers from Chicago on

Alimentum is nasty, but I have watched babies that have no problem just sucking it right up--so you still may want to give it a go =) Also some babies just do better with the concentrate or already mixed liquid--the powder can make them gassier. If you do need to stick with powder (it is cheaper!) then make sure you are slowly stirring it when mixing--not shaking it! That creates air bubbles. Also consider adding a good probiotic as this aides in digestion. Also have you tried out a soy formula? If you have to go to Alimentum--maybe try out the enfamil alternative which is called nutramigen. My daughter had a lot of problems with gas and constipation from the get go and eliminating dairy as much as possible and adding a probiotic once a day on an empty stomach has worked wonders for her--Best of luck!



answers from Detroit on

Hello, we went through this when your 16 month was young and found he was sensitive to lactose. We used Enfamil Gentilese and it worked wonderfully!



answers from Fayetteville on

My dughter was terribly gassy for the first few months, and no change in diet ( I was breastfeeding) seemed to help her. Someone turned me on to Gripe Water, which is a plant extract based formula that I found on line and at natural food stores. It was the only thing that worked for her and saved some of my sanity. Give it a try and good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

If she is better on the similac why does the doctor want you to change formula? If you are happy with how she is and her symptoms are better then I would stick with the similac , I used this on my last child as she was very gassy and in pain after having regular formula , it was like a different baby when we switched to similac , she also outgrew any issues she had and has had no problems with cows milk when we switched to that at a yr old.

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