Gas or Refulx

Updated on August 11, 2010
S.R. asks from Hanover, MD
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My twin boys are very gassy. I called the doctor and they said to monitor them for a few days if the mylecon and gentlease formula don't help then to bring them in for a check up and to rule out reflux. what are signs of reflux and how are they different then gas?

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

With reflux you want to watch with excessive spit-up, crying after being fed, crying when layed down flat, basically anything that can allow those stomach acids to creep back into the throat. If they seem better if they are kept in an upright position I would guess reflux. A gassy baby is more of lots of farts, pulling legs to chest, sometimes you can hear the gas rumbling in the stomach. If it's gas and not reflux it could be the formula or it could be that their digestive system needs a bit more time to mature and will work out the gas issues on it's own. Unfortunetly either scenarios are painful for babies.



answers from Flagstaff on

Hi, here's an old time gas helper 8 >). Fennel tea! Use the actual fennel seeds one jar from the store will last years. 1 cup of boiling water 2-3 seeds let the seeds sit in the water until it's cool enough to drink then remove seeds and drink. my son drank it for most of his first year almost every night. I still drink it. It will make them expel the gas from the attic or the basement (basement relieves any pain faster). Depending on their age it might only take a couple sips. Fennel is in most Italian food because it helps with digestion. Not all gassy issues mean lots of farts. It could also be the build up of air w/ NO RELIEF that's what I get. It hurts my whole torso hurts like I'm bruised front and back so patting to help burps could actually be painful.
Reflux this tip I can't do unless I'm desperate, but it truly works. most reflux medication stops you from producing stomach acid and if you don't have enough you end up w/ reflux worse and never get off the med.
For adults mix 1/2 a shot of water and 1/2 a shot apple cider vinegar drink it. For young one w/lots of milk in them try it and be ready for them to spit up but hopefully enough is in their system to help. If you aren't producing enough acid the reflux goes away in MINUTES. If you produce to much it'll get worse.
Bragg's vinegar "w/ the mother" is WAY better than the jugs of vinegar but in desperate times it doesn't matter in the end. Again for kids a 1/2 teaspoon of each should do it. Tag team and have someone help you do it at the same time and maybe someone w/ a camera.
These tests could save the Dr. visits/co-pays for just a couple cents. The vinegar is great for cleaning your arteries and lowering cholesterol too 8 >) great for varicose veins improves circulation so less pain.
Good luck!
K. B
Just Like Grama Mom's
If you're nursing you can drink either and will help them.



answers from Chicago on

My son had reflux the first year and he threw up (not spit up) every single time he ate.

If you your kids and lean them to their right side a bit, they should release the burp without an issue. If you lean them to their left, they can and most likely will spit up as they burp.

A friend who just had her baby said the newest thing is just burp your baby on thier left side (not on their back) and it instantly releases the burp.

Mycelcon drops work great at helping to reduce gas. If you are nursing them, try to avoid eating gassy foods.

Good luck.



answers from Indianapolis on

reflux is in the upper GI system. it usually presents in the esophagus with burning (though they'll not be able to communicate), spitting up more frequently, etc.

Gas will be lower GI system. Putting pressure on their tummies (sometimes laying them on their tummy across your knees can be really effective) and pulling their knees into their abdomens can help relieve the pressure an bloating.

Here's what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. You definitely did the right thing by calling the doctor:


answers from Minneapolis on

It's really hard to tell when they are little. I thought my daughter had gas and it ended up being refulx. I guess the signs that made me notice was she would spit up and then cry and I started to have trouble feeding her. Good Luck!


answers from Clarksville on

Hi S.,

My 4th daughter, was diagnosed with reflux at 2 months. She had silent reflux and wasn't a classic textbook case. I researched all I could on infant digestion and reflux during that time because we chose not to put her on Zantac. We chose a product called colic calm, homeopathy, therapeutic grade essential oils, positioning(keeping her upright after nursing), and I eliminated all dairy from my diet. If your little ones have reflux, I suggest looking into a dairy intolerance. There almost always in a link between reflux and food intolerances. If you're nursing I suggest, eliminating dairy from your diet and if they use formula I would suggest finding a dairy/whey protein free brand.

My daughter is 11 months now and has been reflux free for the past 7 months. We dealt with 2 months of reflux issues but were successful with our course of action.


Sorry to hear you're going through this. I know it can be frustrating and incredibly draining. Feel free to email me if you'd like more information.


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