Gas or Electric?

Updated on May 16, 2013
B.D. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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Gamma G's response to my dryer question now has me questioning whether I should stick with a gas dryer or go electric. I am assuming I could switch to electric without a problem, not like an electric range that requires a different outlet...

So have you recently switched from gas to electric or vice versa and which would you recommend?

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So What Happened?

Ok sounds like I'd have to call in a favor to switch over but if you can convince me it is worth it, I will :-)

I suppose I was always told that gas is cheaper. Other than that I've got nothing!

Marda- Funny you should ask about the stove. I switched from electric to gas and HATE it. (Okay I hate it in the summer...) I find gas to be a less efficient heat and it heats up the entire kitchen and makes my AC run overtime in the summer. I don't mind this 'feature' in the winter :-) I also found it takes longer to boil water. I know everybody typically prefers gas ranges so I was surprised when I didn't. It just confirms I'm an odd bird LOL!

Well I stuck with my gas. I tried to ask the salesman why everybody says gas is better. I was just looking for concrete validation. Plus I think there is some truth to what Megan said because as I sit here folding the laundry dried at the Laundromat I do notice it is hard, rough, and yucky feeling.

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answers from Boise on

I have had both, were I live know is ALL electric, everything.

Gas dries quicker, is cheaper, and more efficient. My MIL uses a propane tank for her dryer, cause she is all electric like me, and saves money that way. Plus her dryer is a lot hotter then mine.

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answers from Amarillo on

It depends on what you were brought up with as a child.

I have the option to have either in my kitchen or laundry room. The builder put in a 220 plug in the kitchen and there is a tap for the gas line for a dryer.

I have a gas range and electric dryer but some day in the future I might switch.

Besides if the power goes out, I still can cook and heat my house with the range and I have a fireplace which has a gas starter.

the other S.

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answers from Washington DC on

Whatever you have is what you should go with.

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answers from Portland on

I've had both and prefer gas. I don't know why, tho. They both work in the same way on the clothes. If you have one or the other now, I'd just stick with the same because you would have to have 220V installed for electric if you switch to electric.

When I installed my gas cook top and dryer, many many years ago, the gas company was able to compare the cost of electric with the cost of gas for me. Way back then gas was noticeably less expensive. I don't know about now. I'd call and ask.

You didn't ask about gas for cooking but if that's a consideration I love my gas cook top. I really don't like cooking on my daughter's electric range. I've had both and gas is so much more responsive.

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answers from Denver on

Gas. Much less costly.

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answers from Houston on

I recommend whichever is already installed.

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answers from Washington DC on

gas is cheaper right now, but with energy source fluctuations going wonky, who knows how long that will be the case.
i love my gas stove, but i wouldn't change what i currently have (electric in my case) over it.

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answers from Austin on

Most electric dryers are 220 volts, rather than the typical outlet. You will probably have to have that area wired for a 220 outlet.

(When we bought our house in Iowa in 1983, it wasn't even wired for 220! We had to have an electrician come in to put in a 220 drop. The stove and previous dryer were gas.)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Electric does require 220. So it would require a different plug. We already had one since we had an Asko washer at one time so we just had to change out the female part to fit the male end of the Samsung dryer. It was very simple and hubby did it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had an all electric home except for a gas water heater and gas for my central heat.

I switched my electric stove top and my double oven to gas and saved between $25 to $35 per month on my overall utility bills.

I like to cook and wouldn't have an electric stove or oven if I had any way to get gas.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Washington DC on

growing up - we lived in different countries and had both gas and electric...once my dad mom had demanded gas...she got it. And hasn't looked back!!

Gas dries more efficiently and faster in my opinion...

We have an electric drier. When we spend the money to get the gas line to the kitchen, we will do the gas drier as well.

Hope that helps!

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answers from Atlanta on

I haven't switched lately but I would recommend electric.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I had electric when living in FL and hated it. I still can't stand it when we visit relatives and I have to use it. When I dry clothes in the gas dryer and forget about them for a few days, they're still fluffy and barely wrinkly. With electric, they would be a stiff/wrinkly mess.

Same with cooking. Food is so moist and leftovers reheat so much better with gas. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I've had both. Most recently gas. I wouldn't go back to electric.

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