Gas or Baby?

Updated on December 29, 2009
L.S. asks from Crookston, MN
8 answers

I am 7 weeks with number 3 :) Lately I have been feeling movement down there. I also have a lot of gas (TMI) but I know what gas feels like and this is sooo not it. Its almost like a big thump sometimes. Either I have two types of gas haha or its something else. Pretty sure Im too early to feel the baby.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Could be ligaments stretching or things changing, but it's too early to feel the baby's movement. I felt my second at 13 weeks, which was considered very early. (A lot of people didn't believe me.) It started as a barely noticeable fluttering feeling. Subsequent babies are usually felt earlier than first babies so you'll probably be feeling it within the next 5-6 weeks or so. Congratulations.

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answers from Sioux City on

I felt the same thing and thought I was crazy. Glad I'm not the only one! My doctor said it was most likely muscle spasms. He said as everything shifts around in there to allow room for the growing baby often times the muscles will spasm making it feel like the baby is kicking.



answers from Milwaukee on

is it possible you are farther along that just 7 weeks. I would have to agree that 7 weeks is way too early to be able to feel things, but I wouldnt know for sure.


answers from Omaha on

I know when I was pregnant there was this constant annoying thump that I dealt with throughout my pregnancy. I always thought it was the baby tapping her foot or something lol. Drove me nuts. Anyway, after she was born I was holding her one day, and she got the hiccups. Her body reacted with the same rhythm as when she was in my tummy. I had an aha moment and realized my little muchkin had the hiccups while I was pregnant. Made perfect sense after the fact. She'll be 1 next month and she still gets the hiccups and has that same movement. It's kind of comforting when I hold her and she gets the hiccups for some reason : ) Reminds me of when she was completely all mine before she was born.

So I'm not sure if 7 weeks is too early to get hiccups. Just wanted to throw that out there as a possibility.



answers from Des Moines on

it is double gas :) after i had my son i used to get the "thump" every once in while and i was not at all pregnant. now that i pregnant again it is more frequent but it is not the baby moving because i had it while not pregnant. and i also have the normal gas as well. it makes me more excited for when it really is the baby :)



answers from Minneapolis on

I felt my second at 13 weeks. I am not sure how much earlier you could feel it, but it was for sure the baby at that point for me. My husband could even feel him jumping up and down in there :)

Maybe you are farther along than you think?




answers from Minneapolis on

It most likely is another type of gas. I felt both of my pregnancies at about 8 weeks (I know that's really early) but it's such a gentle, fluttery feeling. There wouldn't be any thumping going on yet. Your body will definately develop more unusual symptoms now that your pregnant and this "new gas" is one of them (Lovely ha?) It's great that you are so in tune with your body.



answers from Omaha on

Your baby in the seventh week is the size of a blueberry and is starting to develop buds for legs and arms. There is just no way you can feel that baby I'm terrible sorry to say. But it will happen and faster than you think. It could quite possibly happen in about 10 weeks. I felt my last baby, my third, at 17 weeks! So hang in there.

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