Gas at Night Problems

Updated on February 17, 2009
K.P. asks from Houston, TX
10 answers

My son is starting to eat more table food and I have noticed at night he is waking up with gas. Before bed I give him Mylcan but it doesn't work the entire night. During the day he moves around and manages to pass gas no problem. At night he doesn't seem to know how to pass it. We end up with a bottle and then as he is drinking and relaxing he passes the gas.

Any ideas on what to give my son to help with the gas at night?

Diet - mostly baby food but we are introducing table food at dinner.

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answers from San Antonio on

Hi K.,
Please try "Gripe Water. It is an old remedy for all things stomach related including gas. It is a liquid ginger--mosty. Safe and effective.
I buy the brand "little remedies" Gripe Water.
Good luck,

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answers from Austin on

have you tried yoga? there are several positions that can help your child with digestion (like bending their knees to their chest). there's a great book called "Itsy Bitsy Yoga" by Helen Garabedian that has a variety of poses to help your baby sleep and digest better as well as grow stronger. My son loves our yoga time together, he laughs and laughs, and it also helps him when he's gassy. I hope this helps you!



answers from Waco on

Hi K.,
some kids are just naturlly gassy- but I would try to watch what he is eating during the day that causes the gasses- some times it can be green beans, or squash - these are very gassy foods- it could b the apples or applesauce- try to limit these if much as possibe or eliminate them one by one to see if these are the culprits- It could be the juices if you are giving him these- and if so, try diluting them with water- that could be one thing= table foods are ok if he is showing signs of wanting them- I would give hime mashed potatoes only for a while- sometimes the heavy foods in their little system will give them gasses- just trial and error to find out which foods are causing his discomfort
good luck and



answers from Chicago on

I would introduce the table food earlier in the day and do baby food at night. That way he'll be less gassy at night. Also, you don't specify the nature of the table food. I would double-check your baby books to make sure you're not introducing something his system isn't ready for yet.



answers from San Antonio on

My little boy, now 19 months, used to have terrible gas problems. My doctor explained to me that the Mylacon does not work well once the gas is in their tummy...The only thing I found that worked for me were Colic Tablets.
Sometimes they are at HEB or Walgreens, but I just order them on Amazon to make sure I always have them.

They were a miracle for me. I hope they help you.

I tried the gripe water and the taste was horrible...I could not even sneak it in his bottle. He loved the tablets because they dissolved in his mouth. It was like he thought he was getting candy!



answers from Houston on

I would give gas medicine before dinner . It has been a few years since my youngest was a baby( he's almost 8 yrs. old),, so I might be wrong with this, but I wonder if table food at 9 months is too young. I wonder if his tummy is having a hard time digesting it and that;s why he has gas?
Either way, try the drops before dinner and see what happens. I had 2 very gassy kids and the gas drops were always given before they ate and even drops in their bottles.
Good luck.



answers from Houston on

GRIPE WATER!!! You can get it at Target(in the pharmacy, you have to ask for it),natural food stores, Kroger's, CVS, Walgreens, etc. There are a lot of brands and choices. Little Tummy's makes one. Just follow the directions on the bottle. My son has slept through the night since we started using it at 10 months. I mixed it in his last bottle before bed until he was 1 and now he just takes it from the medicine dropper before bed. He is 14 months. I wished I would have known about it sooner! Good Luck!



answers from Austin on

I don't know if anyone else suggested this but maybe try table food at lunch and baby food at dinner? I know for a long time my daughter wouldn't eat anything at night no matter how hard we tried. We would give in and give her a bottle. Now she's almost 9 months old and a great eater but she still picks like a bird at night. Just her natural way.

Hope this helps!



answers from Odessa on

I would just be careful not to be giving him gassy foods; like staying away from broccoli, onions in things, yeast...and so on. If he is going to have those do them earlier in the day or just omit them from what you are fixing or putting on his plate.

I have not ever tried the gripe water, but have heard it works well.

Good luck!



answers from Houston on

Mylicon did not work for my daughter at all! We used "Gripe Water". It seemed to work very well.

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