Gas After Birth?

Updated on September 13, 2011
E.D. asks from Portland, ME
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Hey moms! I have a pretty embarassing questiion. I had a natural birth 5 weeks ago and ever since then I have had horrible gas! I mean horrible! I have it all day long and no gas medicines take it away. I haven't had a chance to ask my midwives about it but I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem? If so how long did it last? Its getting uncomfortable and embarassing!

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answers from San Francisco on

OMG!!!! My husband STILL (3yrs later) talks about how bad my gas was!

I didn't even want people over our house to visit because I couldn't stop it and the smell was HORRIBLE! give it about 2 more weeks

Congrats on your little one :)

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answers from Boston on

I had *horrible* gas after my second was born by c-section. I mean horrible! Stinky! And PAINFUL! It lasted for weeks - maybe as long as 3 months, but it did stop eventually. I tried changing my diet a little - cut out some grains / fiber. - which did help. I also found that drinking water made it worse, so I switched to hot decaf tea - no sugar or milk. I talked to my doctor about it a few times b/c it was so painful - she said to try to keep moving (walking, etc.) to get the bubbles out!

Hang in there! Congratulations on your new addition!

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answers from Seattle on

I was pretty gassy too after giving birth. Both vaginally and C-section. I just let it rip. Can't hide it and it was too uncomfortable to try and, I just did! lol

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answers from Seattle on

I called them dinosaur farts.

They lasted forever. I don't even know when they quit (although they did, eventually).

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answers from New York on

I tooted like a frat boy for about 2 months, bad h-roids too. this too shall pass. Baby, hormones, lack of sleep, delivery etc all plays afoul with your digestion. Try some yogurt, which might help restore helpful bacteria in your gut. Try some peppermint tea, if you find it calming. The gas medicine isn't supposed to eliminate passing wind, instead, its supposed to make your wind more productive, helping you get it out of your system, and get some relief.

meanwhile, fart, smile, and blame it on the dog.

congrats on your little one.

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answers from Portland on

I am so glad to hear all these ladies saying this!!! I had it too! Sheesh! I wondered if my belly would ever equal out. it sucked!!!



answers from New York on

I remember this problem from about the first week not for several weeks. I had c-sections and they really threw off my digestion for a while. 5 weeks seems like a long time though.

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