Gas - Pawleys Island,SC

Updated on February 16, 2016
J.G. asks from Pawleys Island, SC
7 answers

any remedies for gas besides mylicon and gripe water?

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So What Happened?

went to the doctor, it's acid reflux thanx for all the advice:)

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answers from Atlanta on

heey! i know this may sound crazy but my granny told me to do this and it actually worked for both of my kids! put a blanket on top of your washing machine and lay the baby on it..put the washing machine on the spin cycle...i dont know what this does but it really works!! with my first baby, he cried and cried with gas...i did everything that i could think of ...but then i tried this and he actually fell asleep on the washing machine (of course, i picked him up after he fell asleep and put him in his bed)
hope you find a remedy that works for you!
good luck!



answers from Augusta on

I agree with the other mother, if ur are breast feeding then look into what in ur diet may be causing the gas and it also helps to keep the baby upright during and after the feeding...when my now 12 month old was smaller and has gas problems I would feed him half the bottle and then stop to burp then continue and repeat the burp. The washing machine idea also seems interesting and seems logical enough to work, I could see how the washing machine would gently giggle the baby enough to cause him to burp. I think that was the most creative advice I have seen on mamasource since I've been here,kiddos to you. I also had very good luck with the those mylicon gas drops,maybe you could give ur baby a little more than u usually give to see if it helps.



answers from Spartanburg on

I know this sounds odd, but putting my little girl in the swing helped. Also, make sure that you are burping her well after she eats. Gas is also a sign of reflux so if it continues, talk to the dr. Also, lay her on her left side with her belly toward yours. The heat from your body will ease the pain and it puts baby in a good position for gas to come out. Worked well with my little girl. If that doesn't help, lay her on her belly with her bottom raised in the air and rub her back in a clockwise motion. This is the direction the gas is going in the colon.

Good luck.



answers from Springfield on

I had my baby with lots of gas and the same things didn't work. I used babies magic tea and my DS never got uncomfortable after that.



answers from Spartanburg on

you can keep your child upright for 30 minutes after feedings (nursings or bottles) and bicycle her legs to help things flow. But I'd look at her diet (or your diet, if you are nursing) first. Dairy can cause gas in newborns very easily.



answers from Athens on

You may want to talk to your Dr. it may be the formula that's making the gas such a problem. One of my son's had to switch to soy milk b/c of bad gas and soon as we did it got better. Hope this helps:)



answers from Spartanburg on

Hey, my second baby had gas problems, and she spent a good portion of her early life in one of those vibrating seats. It helps because it keeps her semi-upright, and the vibrations help get the bubbles to rise to the surface (so to speak). You may also want to consider whether she really has gas or is suffering from reflux. Good luck!

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