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Updated on July 30, 2016
D.C. asks from Wahiawa, HI
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My 9 month is having bad gas problems since yesterday and she hasnt (we havent) gotten any good sleep!! Anyone have any suggestions?! Ive already given her mylicon drops and doesnt seem like its working :(

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answers from Honolulu on

Well, my daughter, since she was born and as a baby until her system matured, had BAD gas pains, and she rarely farted or burped, though I tried.
The only thing that helped was the Mylicon infant gas drops.

Also, if you are nursing, watch what you eat. Because what you eat, can cause gas in baby too.

all the best,

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answers from Dallas on

Have you pumped her legs to her chest? That always helped my little ones. It was so funny to have her pooting when we did it. lol. I hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Washington DC on

How do you know it's gas? COuld be teeth or an ear infection.

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answers from Orlando on

Try a little baby massage, google it you can find some videos online for what to do, rub her tummy and push her legs up into her tummy.

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answers from Springfield on

A lot of remedies didn't work for our child with severe gas pain and he was developing colic. But babies magic tea save our souls.



answers from Dothan on

Start with a gentle colon cleanser for kids(GET IT FROM YOUR PHARMACIST)....then follow with Activia or other yogurt based live colon health food, crush Altoid's strong peppermints three times a day and mix into a little sprite and see if she will drink it. She has bad microbes in her gut.



answers from Los Angeles on

Dear D. C.

Something the child ate imbalanced the bacteria in the intestines or antibiotics were recently given. It is easy to resolve.

Biodophilus: 1/2 tsp twice a day for 1 weeks will correct the problem. You can use it longer to strengthen the intestines so it won't return. -

Make sure you get the powder. I have been using it on my kid since he was 3 and now he is 5 and the problem has never returned.

Good Luck




answers from Fayetteville on

Try Gripe Water, found at natural food stores (Cook's in Roger's, Ozark Natural Foods in F-ville) they might also have it at some Wal-Marts or walgreen's. It was the only thing that worked for my daughter!

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