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Updated on April 23, 2015
M.H. asks from Marquette, MI
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so I finally put in my garden. Tilled up a 2 foot strip all the way down my property. Put in tomatoes, squash and beans. We have a drip hose for watering. My question is . . . can I put down cardboard between the plants to cut down on weeding?

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answers from Detroit on

We saved leaves from last fall and are trying those this year. So far so good. Maybe keep in mind for next year.

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answers from Washington DC on

Sure, but there are bugs and rodents who like to use/eat cardboard... I'd go with the weedblock fabric...

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answers from Louisville on

Do you mulch cut your grass or do you have grass clippings? If you have clippings, use that! Works to stop the weeds and will auto-compost right in your little plot! (you can also do the fall leaves this way as well!)

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answers from Norfolk on

I wouldn't use it near your house (cardboard being a wood/paper product might draw termites) but it's fine in the garden.
BUT - don't 'wallpaper' your garden with it.
You are using a drip hose, so water will be fine, but cardboard will be slow to let rain through it and into the ground.
Weight it down so it won't blow away.
Squash bugs will like to hide under it, but if you walk on it early in the day you will squash a lot of the bugs.
It might be useful to spread some diatomaceus earth down before placing cardboard over it.
You can get a big box of it fairly cheaply anyplace you find pool supplies.
It's not poisonous but it will cut up bugs who shelter under the cardboard.

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answers from San Francisco on

Even if you just use straw it will cut down on weeds, improve moisture retention and look nice. Usually cardboard is used under mulch in a pathway or large bare ground. I always use straw and have just enough weeding to enjoy it and spend time with my plants but not break my back or make me sick of weeds. You could go the extra step of laying the weed block fabric as suggested. I have found it at" Big Lots" for very cheep.

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answers from New York on

According to my experience I am agreed to your idea of putting a cardboard ,a fewer times I also have taken help of d same for my gardening projects.For more of the gardening queries please visit the website :



answers from Los Angeles on

You can use cardboard, but I would be picky about what the cardboard held before you got it. I would only use cardboard that had food in it, like bananas or apples or oranges. You can also use wood chips which will look nicer and accomplish the same purpose. The wood will biodegrade into the soil as will the cardboard, but the wood doesn't have any of the chemicals that are in the ink on the boxes.

Congratulations on getting the garden in. Good luck to you and yours.



answers from Detroit on

Yes but plastic will do a better job.


answers from Detroit on

I would not use cardboard that will rob the soil of nutrients’. You can put old newspaper down (keep moist,) straw, or landscape fabric. I hand till the soil ever week and use Preen around the plants to keep weeds away.

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