Garbanzo Beans for 9 Month Old?

Updated on April 24, 2008
L.O. asks from Marysville, WA
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Can I give my 9 month old pureed beans, such as garbanzo beans? I never did with our first daughter so I am unsure about allergy risks.

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My daughter absolutely loves them! She started eating them around 10 or 11 months, and I've heard of no allergy-type issues if you start before then. Our pediatrician was encouraging us to feed our daughter "real" food at 9 months, minus all of the known problem foods (e.g., honey, nuts, etc.) The real food could include spices, herbs, etc. The garbanzos were cooked as part of a Moroccan chicken stew with spices, tomatoes, and raisins. All of these yummy flavors may have contributed to her love of the garbanzo beans, which probably sopped up a lot of the flavor! Since the moroccan stew experiment, we have cooked garbanzos until they are soft, so we don't puree the beans. They make a great finger food. If you use canned beans, look for the low sodium ones. Salt can be a real issue for the little ones. Other spices can be used, though, (e.g., cinnamon, ginger, garlic, turmeric,...) and seem to be enjoyed by our daughter.

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9 months is a good time to introduce legumes. i would soak them for 24 hours before cooking to keep them from giving your little one gas!

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I think that 9 months is an appropriate age for introducing beans and other legumes, although all babies are different and you need to go by the cues your daughter gives you.

We are a vegetarian family and lentils/beans/quinoa are my son's major protein sources. I prepared some homemade hummus and when my son saw it he wanted to try it(he was probably around 10 months old at the time). To my surprise, he absolutely LOVED it! He would have eaten the entire bowl if I had let him!

As mentioned on a previous post, soaking the beans for 24 hours is a good idea and will help cut down on gas.

Bon appetit!

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I used to nanny for a family who at nine months there son was only on some puree veggies no fruit and they would heat up refried beans. so they kid would get his refrieds and a small thing of vegs everyday morning noon and night. I felt bad because my son was two months older then him and i had him eating everything and on his own by this point. So, long story short i believe they would be fine. I would introduce them like you do everything else slowly and see how they go.

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