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Updated on June 05, 2010
R.D. asks from Haysville, KS
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Hey ladies as I am home all summer with my girl I am wanting to have some garage sales to get rid of all that junk in our basement! Basically I am wanting to get rid of all of her clothes. It is a ridiculous amount of clothing. I know people are looking to pay as little as possible, but I am also hoping to get some decent money out of this. Nothing I am selling has stains on it (if it stained, I just threw it away). She had so many outfits that she only wore them at most three or four times before they were too small. My daughter also had a lot of expensive clothes from great-grandma and some of that stuff still has tags! I also have a really nice swing that we paid $180 for and my daughter used it literally five times! Majority of clothes are Carter's. I also have lots of Amy Coe, Children's Place, Gap, and Target stuff. I have a TON of shoes (including baby Uggs) that have not even been worn! How much do you put on your baby stuff? The cheap clothes I got for her to wear around the house and had in diaper bags, extra for daycare, etc I don't care at all. But the rest of it I want some decent money for, but I also want it gone. So, if it comes down to it and they just won't pay what I have and want it for less, of course I'm going to say yes. I know this really depends on the area, so I would be interested in what people in the Wichita, KS area pay. I saved all of her hangers that came with clothes, so I'm planning on grouping her stuff together by size and hanging it on clothing racks to make it seem more "boutique" style. I also have headbands and tu-tus that I make that I will be selling so I'm hoping for lots of traffic! Any advice on prices or any tips at all would be great! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

After re-reading what I wrote, I realize it sounds like I really care about the money, and I totally don't! I would also rather just have it gone! I'm just wanting to get a general idea of pricing!
I guess I should mention what I have! Basically here is what I am wanting to know for prices:
Name-brand onesies
Socks (do you sell socks or not?)
Two-piece outfits (sold as a set)
Anything else you can think of! Thanks again!

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answers from Joplin on

When I go to garage sales I expect rock bottom prices I will never pay more than a buck or $2 for Anything yard sale...BUT if you craiglist stuff or even join a local yahoo group you can offer lots of clothes or individually list outfits and get better value for them, and I see no shame in that what so ever.
Lots of luck = )

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answers from Richmond on

I'm having a yard sale this weekend, and let me tell you, I am pricing this stuff to SELL! I don't care what I paid for it, I want it GONE and out of my house!! Stuff with tags, sell 1/2 price of what the tag says. Anything used, I would sell for a dollar or two each. You have to think about what is more important to you, getting rid of the stuff of making money? If someone comes with $5, they can either buy one thing for 5 bucks, or 5 things and you have THAT much more space in your house, you know? I'm also putting out a box of freebies... everyone who buys something is getting something out of the freebie box whether they want it or not. Advertise the heck out of it on craigslist, put posters up at your daughters school, all over the neighborhood, at your local grocery store, gas station, etc... Like I said, I price stuff to sell sell sell... the space is my house is worth more than the cash in my pocket, because free space with no clutter is priceless! Have fun and good luck! OH, ALSO... I am having a lemonade stand which is TOTALLY the kids responsibility... it will keep them entertained and I promised them ice cream with the money they make ;)

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answers from Sacramento on

We do our annual neighborhood garage sale and price the majority of clothes at 50c each -- these are clothes in very good condition and brands like Gymboree, Carter's, Lands' End and Children's Place. I put them in bins separated by size and clearly labeled. We get the same people coming back each year because they know we have good things at a good price. For us, we just want to sell it all and not have it go back in our garage. Last year, a woman asked to buy everything we had and we sold it all to her.

People are looking for bargains right now, so if you want it gone, price it to sell. If you really need the money, sell to a consignment store because you'll make more. We just didn't want the hassle of that since it's so easy with the annual garage sale. The only clothes we don't sell for 50c are designer brands or new w/tags and even then, we price low to sell.

My big tip for drawing traffic to your sale is to use Craigslist's garage sale section. We post there and get a lot of inquiries even before the garage sale. It's a great way to get the word out and a lot of people scan these listings.

Good luck!

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answers from New York on

I've gone to a few yard sales with my girl friend to find things for her granddaughter. General prices in our area...

onsies .25
socks .10
t-shirts .25
pants .50
sleepers .50
shoes ?? (I don't think these sell well, but doesn't hurt to try)

As far as the nice quality clothing goes, if you take the time to put it all on hangers you could ask $2 to $5.

For the swing, I wouldn't take less than $25, price it at $35.

Toys usually sell well at yard sales, so you may want to consider selling the ones she's outgrown.

Remember people who shop yard sales are looking for bargins.



answers from Kansas City on

I am an avid garge saler in the KC area, and I will not pay over $1 for clothing items. My parents go out to some too, and they will pay a little bit more, but I'd say $1 is good per item. Some people will come up with 6 items or something, and ask if they can have it for $5 since they are buying multiple items. If you are looking to get rid of it, $1 or less is probably the way to go. I just figure I can always get tshirts and shorts new at walmart for about $3-$4 so I'm not going to pay $2 for a used shirt. Good luck!


answers from Oklahoma City on

I think you might make more if you take the nicer and never been worn oufits to a consignment store then sell the other ones at the garage sale for $1 each... good luck!



answers from Topeka on

I'll be having my own sale soon as well & after having quiet a few of them I must say the pricing everything must go if it's mainly clothes & shoes make them all 1 price mine i'm selling for 50 cents on clothing shoes 1.00 all other items such as infant toys .25 I have a stroller that needs to go $15.00 or less all other items i'll put a price tag on them like wall art, picture frames household items that are in good condition or baby & toddler toys can go for a lil more than a buck...
As far as organizing make a clothing table shoes decor items all gathered and displayed nicely yes there are those that dig throw it all and make a mess then your refolding or separting but better to have some organization



answers from Cincinnati on

I think if you really want to make some money off of it, you might try Craigslist or something. My mother is an avid garage-saler, and she does it for the STEALS. She shops to pay the least and get the most - and I think that's true with most garage-sale-shoppers. So I would go ahead and put things out, but don't be surprised if they don't sell. Then you'll have to decide if you want to try to sell them on Craigslist, or price them to move. Good luck.


answers from St. Louis on

I was wondering this too last night when I looked at our children's 10+ rubbermaid containers of clothes. I know some of them won't sell because they are too worn or old, but I figured I'd throw those away. Some other clothes were mine or my husbands so I figured I'd keep those. But some of the Gymboree outfits and really cute dresses can be super expensive! I am not done having children but I've considered what do to when I am done. I think the first thing I'm offering is to give the clothes to family/friends who are or will be having kids. I was given a lot of clothes so would like to continue that. My rule will be if you want the clothes, you take it all (maybe not all 10 boxes) but if a friend is having a girl, I will give her a box of girl clothes (not one or two things). Depending on what is left, I may see if anyone at daycare knows anyone who is looking for clothes for babys/kids. Then depending on what is left, I may try to sell the nicer things on Craigslist just because we live in the country and I'd have to have a yardsale at someone's house and I know things don't sell for much. If they do not sell, I plan on taking it to Goodwill.

It may be better for you to put out the things you are willing to part with cheap:

Onsies - .25
Socks - .10
Pants - .50
Shorts - .50
Shirts -.50-1.00
Dresses - 2-5.00
Things with tags, I agree with 1/2 of original price

You could also do something like X amount per bag and they can fill it with anything from the clothes.



answers from Houston on

It depends on how much stuff you have and what your tax situation is but we've always found that we do better financially selling "big ticket" items on eBay or through Craigslist (or just an email to the neighborhood) and donating clothes and similar "small ticket" items and just using the tax deduction. Once you factor in the work it takes to set up a garage sale and the hassle of haggling with people and having strangers come and go and steal (yes it happens) the tax deduction is usually better.

Good luck!



answers from Tulsa on

I would say for the newer items to look in your area for a consignment store and place those items there. Ours in Ponca is 40/60. She only takes things that look new and really has a n excellent reputation. I always go there first when shopping for any clothes.

There are 2 reasons to have rummage sales. One is to get rid of stuff and the second is to make fast money. If you are truly wanting to just get rid of stuff then I still say take as much as you can to a local consignment store and take her all she'll accept then have a rummage sale with the rest and mark them dirt cheap.

I have bought socks and underwear for the kiddos from rummage sales and thrift stores....why not? SOAP WORKS. If it didn't we would all go around stinking and bacteria ridden.

Socks, I only pay 10-25 cents each pair, I have bought shoes too. I spray them with Lysol and let them air dry outside. I never pay more than $1 each pair unless they are a super cute style and even then no more than a couple of dollars. As for onsies and other baby clothes I would never place any price over $1 and probably wouldn't buy them if they were over 25 cents. Any dresses would be individual, there are so many levels to what makes an outfit cute or plain.... I only paid $8 for a dress at a garage sale and the dress was a little floor length formal thing that my grand daughter wore to the daddy daughter dance this past February. Again, you'll get much better money at a consignment store for better quality items.



answers from Minneapolis on

It all depends on the condition and brands. I generally prices everything $2 and under. Anything over that is New or Like New and only worn 1x. I had Brand New things in my garage sale for less than 1/2 the original price on the tags. I hit a few garage sales this past month and people wanted sooo much and I left with nothing...

Try Craiglist and sell the items in "lots" by the sizes. Alot of people prefer to buy a "lot" of clothing and to avoid garage sales...

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