Games to Play for 5 Year Old Bday Party

Updated on August 10, 2011
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Hi Moms,

Normally, I do his birthday parties at a indoor place, but this year we have decided to do it at our community pool..It's for about 25 kids (ages3-8).. The party is October 2nd (so not for a couple months).. I get nervous because it's hurricane season down here but being that there's so many kids, I'd rather take the chance and do it at home...
We plan to do it by our community pool.. It's Spiderman theme... The attention span of most 4-6 year olds is not very long.. I need suggestions as to what to do with them :0)
I plan to do:
-water balloons
-Spiderman pinata
-swimming in the pool

I'm making it easy this year.. Pizza, big pan of ziti, juice boxes, chips and water...

Other suggestions? Suggestions on water toys to buy?

Thanks moms!!!!

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answers from St. Louis on

How about hiding spider man in the pool and see who can find him or them? Making spider man masks. Really at a pool party I don't think you would need many games.

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answers from Syracuse on

I would let the kids just play in the pool, with 25 kids they'll surely keep each other entertained and have a blast just swimming and playing in the pool.

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answers from Washington DC on

I think a few activities, the cake and ice cream, and the pool are enough. I have gotten compliments on my mostly unscheduled kiddie parties where they run around and play together.

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answers from Phoenix on

Old fashioned games with prizes are always good-

Who can walk on a line and balance the most pennies on a spoon?

Plain Sight- show them a small toy or object - could be a spiderman figure. Then hide it when they are not looking in plain sight. Nothing should cover it or be moved. Call em back in and they can try to find it. Harder than you think but fun cause all are involved and running around.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Kids that age will Limbo for hours....down;load a few versions of The Limbo song, Hot, Hot, Hot, etc.

I agree with the pp that they will likely be swimming most of the time.

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answers from Tallahassee on

I don't think you'll need much for them to do. My daughter is 5 and none of the kids seem to play many of the games that parents have set up at birthday parties. They just tend to run around and play, which is what they enjoy. I think water balloons are a great idea and you could get a bunch of water guns too. Right now is the perfect time to get pool/water toys since most of them are on clearance, at least in North Florida they are.

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