Games for Boys Birthday Party

Updated on January 21, 2011
S.W. asks from Bellingham, WA
4 answers

My son is turning 7 and wants to have his party at our house at the end of January. Do people have any fun games to play inside for 8-12 kids?

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answers from Kansas City on

We used to play musical chairs at our house for fun when we had a house full of boys. But, I know chairs can be an issue we just happened to have a lot of kids chairs. Maybe you can make up a game like they do for cakewalks, and tape numbers to the floor, and have silly prizes for them. Get a radio and play kids tunes on it maybe? I also once had a cupcake station, and they decorated their own cupcakes to eat at the party. That was a hit and took up some time. Hope you have fun, good luck!!



answers from Dallas on

For my son's 5th birthday we did a Ghostbusters theme. I needed something indoors, cheap and was hoping for non competitive (older kids win and then younger kids cry). So we opted for Ghostbuster training. I made manual for each kid...printed them on the computer. There were stations the kids had to complete to be a "real" Ghostbuster. In the garage we did an obstacle test speed and agility. I hung a ball from the garage ceiling that they hit to show their strength. I made a target (and pushed tacks through) so they tested their aim by tossing water balloons. With the tacks almost every balloon tossed broke, even the ones thrown by toddlers. We did this on the covered back porch. And then inside we made slime, since Ghostbusters are scientists. I bought sheriff badges at the dollar store and glued no ghost signs (that I printed on the computer) to them. When they completed all their tasks they got a can of silly string (from the dollar store) and a Ghosbustin' badge. In the garage they sprayed the silly string at the ghost pictures that were hanging in the garage. Obviously most kids would NOT want a ghostbusters party, but this could be changed and modified for many themes. I borrowed this idea from a few superhero party ideas I found online, I kind of combined a few party ideas I found. I had a friend change it a bit and do something similar for a firefighter party and another friend recently asked if I would be offended if she "stole" my idea for a pirate party. It was fun, different, cheap and relatively easy. The kids cheered each other on and had a ball and there was no fighting or crying over anyone "losing".



answers from Houston on

I hear science parties are fun. A friend of mine did one for her daughter's 8th birthday and the kids loved it. They make a volcano, edible play dough, etc. You can find all kinds of actitivies like that on google.



answers from Nashville on

We just had my daughter's 7th bday party at our house last Friday night. =0) We had a "gaming party". There were 3 stations set up throughout the was RockBand on xbox 360, one was Kinect Adventures on the other xbox 360, and then we had the Wii going as well. The kids (boys and girls alike) LOVED it! So, if you have a gaming console of any kind...the kids really seem to enjoy that. Another thing that is really fun at this age is a scavenger hunt. You can just google "scavenger hunt for 7yr olds" and you will find TONS of really cute ideas! People are so creative! Also, if you check out have some really great craft projects. Even for boys! We did a craft at our party last week as well.....I bought the set of 12 foam spiral notebooks and had each kid decorate their notebook with all the foam stickers (no messy glue! lol). Then, I had a variety of cute pencils they got to each pick from. They really got a kick out of that and it was SO CHEAP! The notebooks came in sets of 12 for around $7.99, I think. But, they have lots of other fun projects that I'm sure even a group of 7yr old boys would like! I remember seeing a "design your own guitar pick necklace". A craft project like that would take up a good bit of time as well! AND it would serve as a "party favor" for them all to take home. =0) Good luck and have fun!

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