Games for a Block Party

Updated on July 23, 2007
N.G. asks from Brookfield, IL
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I have been placed in charge of the kid's games for our annual block party. Does anyone have any suggestions. The ages range from 3 year olds to 11 year olds. All suggestions will help.


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The street where my sister lives does a block party every 2 years, and these are some of the things they do. Who ever is in charge, goes to all the neighbors and asks for donations for the party so the game have prizes. Hope this helps!

1. they rent a moon walk
2. craft tent -and set up a few different crafts for the kids to do.
3. bike parade, with judges. The judges are parents with no kids.
4. 3 legged races
5. pie eating contest
6. one of the neighbors has popcorn machine
7. make ice cream in a can
8. ducks in a pool game
9. water balloon toss
10. call your local fire department and they will open the hydrin for your party.

one of the games that was a big hit at our b-day parties was a relay game. You collect adult clothes (mens and womens) and divide them so that there is at least 1 pair of pants, a shirt, hat, gloves, shoes, etc per group. Like I said, it's more fun when a boy in the group has to put something on that is a womens. The object of this game is to see which group can successfully put on the extra clothes, take them off and give to the next person in group so they can put them on etc.

God's Blessings

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We have done a block party in our neighborhood for the last eight years. The children cover a very big age range. Here is what has worked for us:

- We rent a moon walk - always a huge hit from the 3 year olds to the 13 year olds
- We do a kid's pinata (start with the youngest and work up in age); we also do a pinata for the adults (filled with gum, nail files, chip clips, etc.)
- Water balloon toss
- Bicycle decorating contest (with streamers and balloons) and parade
- Relay race with cotton ball on a spoon
- Bozo buckets
- Bean bag toss

The rest of the time the kids usually have a blast just being able to ride their bicycles and run in the street (which is obviously usually taboo).

Have fun!


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you could order the balls in the ballon the kids would love it because they get to play inside of the ballon with all the balls



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One thing you could do is have a costume relay. Divide the group of kids into teams and they have to put on a "costume" of adult clothes (over their clothes) - a jacket and pants and a hat and shoes - and run down around a cone or something then take the clothes off. Then the next person has to do the same. You can have the different age groups put on a different number of pieces of clothes so the little ones can just put on a hat or a shirt.

Have fun!

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