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Updated on June 19, 2011
K.W. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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Hi moms, I was wondering if you can recommend a sort of interactive game mom and dad can play with a toddler of 3. My son plays a lot on his own but I wanted to buy games where he can play with me and his dad, this would teach him how to wait his turn and interacting with other players in a game. Your recommendations is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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answers from San Francisco on

I love the old favorites....chutes and ladders (my son loves the superhero version), hi-ho cherry-o, red light green light but lately I really like Uno Moo. It deals with sorting by color and type.
Think of the games you loved as a kid and relive them.
Hope this helps!
Suzy and her men

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answers from Philadelphia on

Candy land, shoots & ladders, card games (go fish, old maid, rummy) they sell kids sets. Memory, matching games

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Candy land, Hi Ho cherrie O.

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answers from Topeka on

My almost 3 year old grandson loves Hi Ho Cherry-o and also the match game type games...the ones that you turn the cards all upside down ( start out with just a few...maybe 10 and add more as he gets better at the game) and you turn over two at a time, trying to find a match...improves memory and concentration. He has requested Hungry Hungry Hippo for is a game that he plays with a young friend on play dates.
You could also make up your own games, using a simple deck of cards...have him match the numbers or the suits....or start teaching him how to put them into numerical order!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You have got to try the Ladybug Game. My kids LOVED it!! And of course the old classics of Candyland, Chutes, hiho cheerio.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son (who is almost 3.5) likes Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory, and Sequence for Kids.

I also sell Discovery Toys, and there are a couple of board games from there that he loves as well:



I got him the following games for xmas/Hanukkah and I think he's going to like them a lot. I have seen/played them all and they are a lot of fun

Big Hungry Bear game (you can play six different games with the same set of cards - it's great!):

Big Hungry Bear book + CD (you need the book in order for the game to make sense):

Short Vowel Fun (it's like Uno or Crazy 8s, but with words):

Letter Fun Lotto:

There are a couple of others too that are books and games that go together. Check out everything I sell at I am more than happy to answer any questions and help you find the best toys for your son. All of our toys have a lifetime warranty, plus they are fun and educational (though the kids don't notice the educational part). I hope you'll check them out.


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answers from Minneapolis on

Cariboo by Cranium Games is a great first game. It has a fat key that you use to open doors. You know it is your turn when you are given the key and then you pass the key to the next person. A very concrete way for little kids to learn how to take turns.

Then Candyland was a favorite. And we love the games from Family Pastimes (tons of very creative cooperative games).

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answers from Kansas City on

A few months before her third birthday I started playing card games with my daughter and she loves them! We play Go Fish, Crazy 8s and Memory. You can find some cheapo versions and some expensive versions, go with whatever you like. There is a company eeBoo that makes some decks and I love them. The cards are sturdier they have great vocabulary and awesome pictures, even in just the basic games. We've gotten her some board games for Christmas already and I'm sure she'll take them to as well. Of course we have to help her A LOT with the card games but she just loves it and I think she's getting the hang of it!

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answers from Chicago on

We just had "game night" with our 2.5 and 5.5 year old girls. They like Hi Ho Cheerio, Uno Moo, Memory, Candy Land, and Hello Kitty BINGO... you are right that games are a great learning experience for little ones. Have fun!

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answers from Harrisburg on

3 years old is the age to start getting games for a child, and there's a lot out there! Many have different themes now too.

Chutes and Ladders
Hi Ho Cherrio
Hungry Hungry Hippos

Most are very inexpensive as well! You can get most for $5 each and some places are even selling for less with their sales for Christmas.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets
events and chat within 2 hour radius

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answers from Honolulu on

Just go to Amazon, and input "Toddler games" in the search box. LOTS will come up.

My son, recently turned 4. But at 3 years old and even younger, he loved games and still does.
Board games, outdoor games, even ring toss games are fun for them.... ANYTHING can be turned into a game... even helping you stir something when you are cooking... can teach him the things you mentioned.
That is what I do with my son and daughter.
My son currently likes to play Bingo.
ALSO great are 'memory' games... kids/toddlers love that.

The brand "Think Fun" also has AWESOME games... that an be played alone or with others. It is for adults AND children. My family LOVES this brand.... even my son and daughter. The game "Rush Hour " for example, is fun for kids. My son and daughter played that from 3 years old. They love it.
Amazon and Barnes & Noble has this brand of games.

all the best,

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answers from Austin on

Hi-Ho! Cherry-O
Chutes and ladders
The memory game
Simon says
Candy Land

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answers from Philadelphia on

Zingo is great! Also Candy Land and Memory, and a household favorite here is Don't Break the Ice.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Candy land I think it a kid friendly game for three and up.It teaches them to wait turn and all the other things you are asking about.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Dear K.:

Three years old is a time to learn on his own. The pincer mechanism is very important for writing and being able to hold a pen or pencil when he is 4. Taking large tweezers and being able to pick up dry beans and peas is something to be practiced. He can take them from one colored tray/bowl and place them in another.

With summer fun activities, he will love to pour water from different containers into other unusual contaniers. This is where the sand box also comes in.... Sandscript alphabet cards is something that you might want to try with him. Remember, engage as many of the senses as possible and make up your game.

Three year olds who have been reading books, flash cards, advertisements, etc. will enjoy learning games, putting the words on one-side and the pictures on the other side (columns), it might be phrases, or even complete sentences, or even foreign languages.

Because children at that age like to touch things, you can make each side of the game board clear plastic pockets, using one color electric wire tape for one column and a different color electric tape for the other column. That way, you can just make sure that the flash cards fit. I made flash cards for colors, birds, animals, sea creatures, cars, planes, etc. It offered a wealth of enjoyment and wonderful pasttime as the older children would play the game with the younger children, if I needed to prepare dinner or whatever.



answers from Allentown on

I really think Menory is the best game to introduce kids to taking turns in game playing. We have been playing it with our son since he was 2. Great to start with a small amount of they get it....add more and more matches.



answers from Scranton on

My sons ages 2 1/2 & almost 4 love tic tac toe, go fish & candy land. Though the 2 1/2 yr old does need help from Daddy or me to play go fish it is the current fav in our house.



answers from Erie on

My kids loved Cariboo at that age, and then Hi Ho Cherry O a quick second... both are simple enough, yet engaging (and always changing) to keep them interested until they reach the end...

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