Game Ideas for Son's 5Th Birthday Party

Updated on January 17, 2008
L.S. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I am throwing a joint birthday party for my son and my niece this Saturday and need to get some ideas on inexpensive game ideas for something that both 5 year olds up to 12 year olds will enjoy. I am already planning to have a pinata. I was thinking maybe a take-off on musical chairs where we number the chairs and the one that sits on the number that we call out gets a prize. Also need inexpensive prize ideas and unique gift bag ideas that would be appropriate for this age range.

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answers from San Antonio on

For my sons birthday party of course he turned 3 we made cut outs of spongebob (since that is what his theme was) and colored them, i found a pic on the internet and since i cant draw very well i traced it, anyway we hid them all over the yard and had them find them and then at the end we gave them all a little gift (you might be able to do this with the smaller ones while the older ones do musical chairs), all i did was at walmart in the toy section they have a 88 cent section and bought a few toys from there to give them and put in their gift bags (of course they were all littler around 3-5) but they all loved it, im sure that you might be able to find something for the older ones there as well, you could also go to the 99 cent store, or dollar zone and get some little things for the older girls like bath soaps or things like that, sometimes you can find small baskets with a couple of little things for bath. They also have toys there as well like trucks im not too sure what girl toys they have as we dont have any girls in our family. I hope this helps!!

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answers from San Antonio on

We just had a birthday party for my one year old but there were kids there 3-9 years old. Here is what we did.
Black and Red Card game-
Have the kids and even adults stand in a circle, have an adult stand in the middle with a deck of cards. That person will go around the circle and the child will say black or red. If the card is what ever color they call, they get to choose a prize in the middle of the circle, have about 3 prizes to choose from. The next person calls out a color and if they get it right they can get a prize in the middle of the circle or take a prize from someone. Whoever at the end of 2 mins has the prizes gets to keep them. It's a lot of fun and the person in the middle with the cards tries to go as fast as possible to keep it exciting.
I just went to the dollar store and got a few things there. One of the big hits was the HUGE Candy bars.

Another game we played was I baked a lot of cookies and put them in a jar. All through the party the kids tried to guess how many cookies were in the jar, Whoever came close to the number got to take the jar of cookies home.

Another fun game that kids love is the bubble blowing contest. Have them pair up and then the winner of the pairs go head to head with the other winners. Keep going until one 2 stand the winner gets a prize.



answers from Dallas on

You could draw a map & sort of have a scavenger hunt. We did
that w/ a Dora/Diego party for a 4 yr old girl & 3 yr old
boy. Three clues then @ the end clue have a prize, we had
a snack.



answers from Amarillo on

Nothing comes to mind but for my kids' parties, I just google birthday party ideas--there are tons of web sites that give you recipes, games, etc. Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

Pick a theme. If you have a theme then the rest falls into place. Since you are having a boy and a girl then make it something both would love: ie Dora and Diego....decorations can be in jungle and animal prints. "jungle" theme games. Prizes from the dollar store can be jungle them items like barrells of monkeys or small animals from the jungle. Small bincoluars can be made out of toilet paper rolls like Diego carries and cheap backpack for Dora.
If they are not your style try another theme....Cowboy/Cowgirl party. have everyone wear western attire and serve corn dogs and chips and baked beans and mac and cheese. Use bandana material everywhere and make stick horses out of brooms and have races, pin the tail on the bronco, and other western games.....coloring table to color in the state of Texas.
Best advice is find a theme that works for boys and girls and go with that.
Prince and Princess works too. Boys need shields and swords and girls get tirrras.
Good Luck and have lots of fun.

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