Gallbladder Removal

Updated on February 10, 2008
S.B. asks from Wilmington, NC
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I would like to hear from other women in my age bracket who have had this procedure performed and what their experiences were afterwards.

I am one month postsurgery and do not know anymone my age that is experienced anything like this.

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answers from Charlotte on

This didn't happen to me, but to two of my good friends a couple of years ago. One was 34 and the other was 40. One had a pretty easy recovery with little problems, the other had problems for months. She couldn't eat hardly anything without it going straight through her. Her doctor told her each person is different and some take longer to "get back to normal" She still can't eat some foods 2-3 years later. I hope you are recovering well.

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answers from Charlotte on

I had it done 3 weeks ago.Well with mind im having a hard time with it.I cant eat,Dont sleep,Hurt all the time,Sometimes i wish I did'nt have it done,But i know i had to,Thats how i fell.

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answers from Raleigh on

Hi S.,

I gave birth to my third son in April and three weeks later had my first and only gall bladder attack which resulted in the removal of my gallbladder. I am 32 years old. I haven't even had any problems before with attacks or even minor issues that would lead my doctor to believe that i had any problems there. Yet i had an attack and wound up getting surgery the next day. My gall bladder was completely full of stones and blocked. My surgeon stated that it was pretty common in women who had multiple children to have issues with their gall bladder and even have it removed following a pregnancy. I had the surgery in May of this year and haven't had a single problem.

You are more than welcome to contact me if you have any questions that i might be able to answer.



answers from Charlotte on

Hey S., i was 29 when i had mine removed and it went pretty well. other than the 3 little scars i was up and around acouple of days after. hope your went well.



answers from Charlotte on

Good morning S.,
I am 36 now and had my gallbladder removed 6 years ago. So I was 31. With out knowing some of your symptoms I am not aware why you had it out. For many months maybe 18 or more months I had severe pain if I ate pizza, tacos, cheesy greesy stuff. I did not eat those things often so my systoms were not often. When I had a trigger, I was misreble. I felt as though some one had kicked by upper stomach area. The pain would continue until I had vomited from the pain, or suffered through it til about 4am or so. So after testing we discovered I had gallstones and they were inflammed etc. I was schedules for surgery but had an episode that was so bad it compared to labor. I went home from work and when I did my hunband called the doctor and we were in ultrasound discovering i needed them out immediately. Since the surgery I have learned some of the causes fell right into my lifestyle.
Atkins diets high protein with out a balance of fiber, rapid weight loss, being a woman that had just had her second child. Here is a quick site that can give you these reasons..
Feel free to write back, but having a child and being in your age group predisposes you. So hopefully you are recovering nicely and have the answers to your whys now. I did bounce back pretty quick. After two weeks I was back at work working as a chemist.
Take care and Many blessings,
T. C.



answers from Jacksonville on

Hi. I am 27 now. I had my gallbladder removed one year ago. It was done laproscopically. I had no troubles after wards. I had to be careful picking up Tyler who was 9 months at the time. I couldn't pick him (or anything else over 15 pounds) up for one week and then just carefully for another week or so. I ate rather bland stuff for a few weeks, just to make sure my tummy and everything could handle it. I slowly increased my fat and grease intake. Now, I can eat anything I want. I have not had any stomach or digestive problems since. Ihope your experience has been as good as mine. Let me know if you have anymore questions.




answers from Charlotte on

S. - I had my gallbladder removed a year after my son was born when I was 26. I had a rough 2 wks right after the surgery and I still have 'ghost attacks' to this day and it's been 7 yrs(I am 33 now). I don't really have to watch what I eat but I have to watch how much ice cream I eat or else I get bowel cramps. I hope this helps you~



answers from Wilmington on

Dear S.,
I am 28 and had my gall bladder removed 6yrs ago. The hardest part for me was not being able to lift my child,he was only 7weeks old at the time. I recovered relatively quickly, however, I still have trouble with digestion. If I eat anything really spicy or greasy, I have to make a beeline for the bathroom. There is a medication that the doctor can prescribe to help w/ the situation. I've found that if I just watch what I eat, I don't have as much of a problem. Good luck to you. Hope this helps.



answers from Raleigh on

S., I was 27 when I had my gallbladder removed. It was done by lap surgery. I was out of work for one week but for the most part my life hasn't changed. But that one week was painful I basically slept in a recliner as I couldn't lay flat. The surgery was done as an out patient.



answers from Jacksonville on

i had my gallbladder removed when i was 26. 2 weeks later i carried my 5 year old daughter into a surgical clinic to have her tonsils & adenoids removed. The only aftereffect i ever noticed was nausea from the anesthesia. I was up and going the very next day. That was five years ago this past december. I do have ghost pains where is used to be. My mom had hers out when i was little and has never had any problems. She also has the ghost pains.



answers from Charlotte on

I asked my sister-in-law to respondm as she has gone through this:

Every person I talked to said not to worry about the surgery. It isn’t invasive and the recovery is mild.

This was my experience as well.

I felt better right away. Before surgery, any time I ate I felt nauseous. I was on a no fat, no dairy diet for 2 months. Right after surgery the nausea went away.

The hardest part was the overnight in the hospital, as I didn’t get much sleep.

My Doctor recommended that I take at least 1-2 naps a day to help with the recovery.

I did that for the first week. I was able to move around right away, but was very careful not to lift anything. I rested the first week mostly.

The second week I was up and around and driving etc. but on a modified routine.

I did not go back to work until the 3rd week.

It has now been 1 month and I feel great. I am still on a low fat diet but my Dr said I am good to eat what I want.

My friend recommended I get some pills from the health food store that help with digestion, just in case I want to eat pizza or something like that.

I haven’t had to do that just yet.

Prior to the surgery, the Dr said to lay off the alcohol. But we are wine drinkers and I found the wine didn’t bring on any of the symptoms, so I was still able to enjoy the wine. Prior to the surgery, I didn’t drink any alcohol for 5 days. I didn’t want to compromise my immune system going into surgery. Besides I was feeling lousy in general.

Post surgery, I waited 5 days to have wine again.

I hope that helps.


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