Gallbladder Attack Relief?

Updated on January 02, 2008
M.K. asks from Richton Park, IL
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I have having a really bad gallbladder attack. I had one last night too. I am sooo miserable. Is there anything that offers some relief?

I see the surgeon Wed. and will probably have it removed in the middle of January, but I wonder if there is anything I can do in the meantime.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the advice! It seems that not much can be done until I have the surgery. I saw the surgeon today and it will be out next Thursday!! yea! I'm nervous, but my mother knows him and says he is a good surgeon and he said since I have not had upper abdominal surgery, he can go through the belly button and I will be only out of commission for about 5 days.

It will be a little tough for a few days because I have a 7 month old. Luckily my husband is great with Connor.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Stop eating fatty foods. I had to live with it through a pregnancy so I consider myself and
For about a year I was eating all my meat grilled. I couldn't even eat light fat things. Try eating fat free and I promise it will go away but it has to be TOTALLY fat free! Good luck and getting mine out was the best thing ever!



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you could do a mini-flush if you felt comfortable with it, but it's nothing a conventional doc will ever mention or believe in. you can find out a lot of info about various flushes at i've done many of them many times (4 years with gallstones and i'm down to 1-2 minor attacks a year). also good for immediate relief is a heating pad on the area of pain, and dissolving a few teaspoons of epsom salt in water and drinking it... tastes awful but will help relax your ducts and empty you out at the same time -- sometimes this is enough to stop an attack for me within 30 minutes (especially when combined with heat).



answers from Evansville on

Right now i don't have mine out and i do have a big gallstone in there. I have had a u/s done and they told me i need to have it took out. What i do for pain is take ALEVE it is a (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) that is what it says and it works for me when i have pain in the front where my ribs are but i don't let the pain go to my back b/c that pain is so bad. when the last time the pain was in my back the only thing that worked is when i went to the ER and they gave me percocets. That pain was really bad where i wanted to cry. Pain like having a child pain... but don't take Ibuprofen, when my husband had a really bad gallbladder and they said it looked like a 70 year old woman's gallbladder it made him sick.
Oh also you can have them give you more of a higher med for what is in ALEVE. I have had a doc give me a high dose for Naproxen. That is when i had my c-section for me last child. I had that med. when i went to the ER for my gallbladder and the doc at the ER said that is a good med for pain. i hope all this helps. I just know the pain. i go though pains sometimes but i know what makes me hurt so i don't eat some stuff i like anymore b/c that is what makes me hurt. like coffee if anything else email me at [email protected]



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I had mine taken out quite a while ago, but there was nothing to take then. Bland, bland diet, limit fats, milk and anything hard to digest.

Good luck! Gallbladder attacks are VERY painful!



answers from Terre Haute on

Not much I don't think. Not sure if it would help but give your doc a call ask about some GI Cocktail. See if they can call in a script to get you through if they think it might help. It has an antacid in it and an agent that numbs. I have severe tummy trouble and I keep this stuff on hand. Tastes terrible but it does the trick for me. Other than that I don't think there is anything. I had my taken out years ago but don't recall getting anything between them finding the problem and the surgery. Good luck to you. I hope this helps. Shannon G.
SAHM of 2 boys. 9yr, and 16 mo.
PS. Have you tried some liquid antacid? Could help. Make sure you use the liquid. It works much better and faster than the tablets.

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