Gall Bladder Removal and Supplements

Updated on October 26, 2012
A.W. asks from Frederick, MD
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Hi Mamas!

I had emergency gall bladder surgery 3 weeks after giving birth and am looking for some advice. I had my gall bladder removed and was wondering if anyone else here has been through this and if there are any supplements you are taking now that your gall bladder is gone? I've been doing research but reading conflicting information. Thanks!

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answers from Tulsa on

My doc tells everyone not to do anything except avoid foods that make you feel ill afterwards such as greasy foods.

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answers from San Francisco on

I got mine out about 5 months ago and I can hardly eat anything. I am constantly sick and still having problems. Was told no fatty foods and to watch what I eat. I don't know about the supplements though--what are you considering taking????

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answers from Kansas City on

Many years ago, my gallbladder was removed and I developed terrible IBS, almost like a dumping syndrome. Literally had to interrupt meals or immediately after eating, had to go to bathroom, so annoying and embarrassing. Seven years ago I got on nutritional supplements from a food science company with PATENTED products and my life totally changed. No more IBS, even got off all meds, and all other vitamins. In my 60's am medication free and feel better than I did in my 40's and 50's. Not only that, cholesterol dropped 100 points to normal, and my hot flashes went away, my energy and stamina surpasses anyone I work with and they are half my age. I can eat anything I want and doesn't cause problems. Now only see Dr. for yearly physical and can count on one hand the times I have been sick in these last 7 years. There is a lot of difference in supplements, especially the absorption, the source and quality of ingredients, the formulation in balance and blend.

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answers from Dallas on

No gall bladder, no supplements, no problems with any foods.

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answers from New York on

No supplements needed. Initially greasy, fried foods might bother you but that won't last long. Life as usual. Very common after birth to have it removed.

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answers from Portland on

My daughter had hers out 5 weeks ago. We weren't told to give her any supplements. She just has to watch her fat intake.

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answers from Cleveland on

my sister had hers removed and she can not eat anything greasy or fatty at all or it will go right through her

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answers from New York on

Had mine removed in 2006 - no problems - no supplements

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had mine out in 2009 and I take no supplements and was never told about needing any either?

~Most noticeably, I can not eat eggs or salad without having to go to the restroom immediately, and I do mean *immediately* and of course eggs and salad are two of my most favorite foods.

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answers from Redding on

Eat a healthy and easily digestible diet and you will be okay. Probably the healthiest thing that could have happened to you, you will now pay attention to what you put in your mouth, right?

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answers from Detroit on

just watch it when you eat greasy fried foods..



answers from Houston on

I had mine removed a few months after giving birth. With no complications, I was told about the foods to avoid (greasy stuff) and to stay hydrated. Since I no longer have that supplemental digestive fluid AND am nursing, I pay special attention to hydration. (I actually feel it in my eyes when I am moving toward dehydration.)


answers from Washington DC on

Gall bladder removed 5+ years ago ... No supplements required.


answers from Washington DC on

I had mine removed a couple months after my daughter was born over 6 years ago. I initially had IBS like symptoms after eating greasy foods. But in general, that has subsided and I can eat normally again without having to worry about where the nearest bathroom is! Never took any supplements, my body I guess just learned how to function without it!



answers from Washington DC on

I had mine removed in an emergency situation also. I was not told to use any supplements, but I have had problems with food ever since. I think converting to a low fat, very healthy diet consisting mostly of fish and veggies and brown rice has helped a bit. I also started taking GNC Ultra women's vitamins. This is NOT AT ALL an ad for GNC. I tried every vitamin there is and they all made me really nauseas. This is the only one I can take on an empty stomach and be ok with. I also take a B complex and vitamin E (not GNC). My skin and hair look great and I feel like the vitamins keep me going when I'm not feeling great.

Good luck. I've actually gone from an 8 to a 2 so it's not all bad!



answers from Provo on

I had mine taken out while 7 months pregnant. I have been taking acid reflux meds ever since. I did try to go without the meds at times, like during pregnancy, but couldn't do it for long. My throat and chest hurt too much. Drinking aloe juice helped some, but not nearly enough. I took Prevacid for years but it stopped working for me. Now I take Dexilant and as long as I eat 1/2 hour later to activate it, I'm good. I want to know what Marilyn S is taking!

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