Gained 7Lbs in 1 Month!

Updated on March 31, 2011
L.L. asks from Granby, CT
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I had my OB appointment for my 26th week and found out that I'm up 7lbs since the month before, YIKES. That brings my total weight gain up to 15lbs so far this pregnancy. I was overweight to start so I was hoping to only gain 15 total :( My Dr didn't say anything, but I know that 7lbs in a month is too much. What can I eat to fill me up? So far all I want is egg sandwiches, fries, or chheseburgers.

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So What Happened?

I have not been giving in to the cheeseburger and fries, well not everyday ;) Just nothing sounds good to me and the only things that appeal to me are junky.

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answers from Pocatello on

well I did that with my first pregnancy. I wasn't over weight but I did have 1 month (i think it was month 6) where I put on 8 pounds. but then the next month I gained nothing so it pretty much evened out. My total weight gain was 28 pounds and I was advised to gain the normal 25 to 30 so i was right where I needed to be. I guess I'm just saying you may not gain very much the next month or two so try not to stress too much. Just try to eat healthier choices and smaller portions and you should be fine.

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answers from Boston on

All I can say is, don't worry you can always lose it (not easily but with good effort). Hang in there.

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answers from Boston on

It seemed like I was gaining 10 lbs a month... My MIL would laugh (nicely) and think it was great -feeding her grandchild well :-) LOL
Keep Eating but eating Lots of healthy choices..... and occasionally ENJOY that burger and Fries ! Yum lol
make yourself a smoothie for breakfast FILLED with fruit and toss in veggies - everything will blend nicely and you wont even know they're in there and will benefit from the vitamins !!
Congrats on the Baby :-)

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Missoula on

It's ok. I gained 11 lbs one month with my 2nd. Don't fret. You'll be fine. Just make sure you're drinking LOTS of water. That'll help curb the cravings. Try eating lots of fruits & veggies. Some of that weight could be water retention....from all the salt in the burgers & fries. You're over 1/2 way there & the bulk of the wieght gain for the baby is happening now too. Your doctor will surely say something if he/she isn't happy with the way you are gaining. ENJOY being pregnant! =D

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answers from Los Angeles on

From experience, don't give in to the fries and cheeseburgers, I did and I ended up gaining 40 lbs with both of my pregnancies. I figured it was my time to eat what I want and I would lose it afterward, what a mistake!!Try to limit the cheeseburgers and fries to maybe once or twice a week as a treat and eat healthier versions, such as turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, use eggbeaters and low fat or non fat cheese. You can still eat those things, just modify to make it healthier and go on walks for some exercise. Little things will help, and it is not easy to lose the weight afterward. Good luck!

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answers from Richmond on

15lbs total is unreasonable and unhealthy. Water weight alone can be 10lbs! Were you going to have a 5lb baby? 25-35 lbs is the norm. Don't starve your body or your baby. 7lbs could be a little growth spurt for baby, and your body is telling you it needs more. You're fine!! Weight gain and pregnancy go hand in hand... go eat :)

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answers from Chicago on

I THOUGHT I gained 7 lbs in one month and it turns out the scale in exam room 1 was different than exam room 2. This was at my 28 week appt. I went back at 32 weeks and it said I lost a lb in another room :P I know for a fact I gained 3 lbs in those 4 weeks because I started weighing myself at home.

But- since you were overweight to start with....stop eating junk! Make yourself some healthy meals -- salads, stir fries with olive and avocado oil, steamed veggies and healthy meats. You are supposed to be providing nutrition to your baby! I make healthy banana and pumpkin breads for scratch as my sweets or 1 package of fat free swiss miss cocoa with 1/2 C skim milk and 1.5 cups water; I eat either all bran or wheat chex or rolled oats with flaxseed and wheat germ and berries for breakfast; salad and/or soup or homemade leftovers for lunch; fruit and/or veggies for snack; yogurt with berries and granola for snack; dinner is sometimes 1 egg with egg whites omlet with veggies and fat free cheese, 2 overeasy PASTEURIZED eggs with wheat light english muffin, or lean meat and veggies and rice/cous cous/noodles or quinoa.

Think about it....high protein and high fiber foods fill you up longer and are better for you and baby than grease and fat.

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answers from Portland on

Well, the fries and cheeseburgers are not doing you any favors. In fact, those particular fats (saturated, trans) are possibly the worst thing you can be putting in your body right now.

When I was preggers in ancient times (40 years ago), all the doctors I knew of recommended no more than 20-25 pounds gained during pregnancy, and strongly counseled mothers-to-be to eat carefully and exercise regularly (at least walk daily). This made the pregnancy and delivery easier, and recovery /weight loss after the baby came were less daunting.

There are apparently fewer concerns today about large weight gains, but I don't know why this would be, unless doctors are simply throwing up their hands in the face of 'modern' eating habits. I see so many younger women never getting rid of that baby weight, and putting on more with each pregnancy.

Choosing foods with high nutritional value, plenty of fiber, and good fats and filling up on those FIRST will probably alleviate your craving for the 'easy' fats and flavors. This has always been, and will probably always be, one of the best strategies for eating well and controlling weight. And it's so important for your long-term health, and the health of your children. Achieving that will probably require that you do more cooking from scratch, more planning ahead, and less letting meals slide until you just HAVE to have something quick, so you opt for less-wholesome alternatives.

I know what I'm suggesting isn't easy, especially if you have fallen into the habit of getting instant gratification from quick foods. But I have been extremely careful with my food habits, exercise and weight all my life, and I can tell you that aging/menopause take their toll regardless. I developed diabetes at age 55 because I'm genetically susceptible. Eight years later, I'm overweight but still controlling my blood sugar through diet and exercise. My doctor says this is unusual, and is convinced that if I ate a more 'typical' modern diet, I would have been diabetic years earlier and on insulin by the age of 55.

Food choices matter, not only for your younger years, but as you age, too. What you are eating now could show up in your health profile in another 15-30 years. And what a pregnant woman eats also affects the health profile of her children and their children. Science is making amazing discoveries about this – there's an 'epigenetic' effect that means your food choices are changing right now how your baby will handle fats, and will pass that change on to future generations.

I sure do wish you the best.

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answers from Elkhart on

You are fine!!!! Just make sure you are eating healthy foods. Lots of fruits and vegetables. I put barely 25lbs on with my first and the doctors were always yelling at me. My second they were yelling at me that I was putting on too much weight. Well my daughter was born at 10lbs, so there was a reason for all the weight gain. Just try to limit the junk food. I know it can be hard, With my second pregnancy all I wanted was Pepsi and powdered donuts. The funny thing is I never drink Pepsi, I only drink Diet Coke!

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answers from Modesto on

Eat celery and pnut butter, it's a good snack that sticks with ya for awhile:)

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answers from Eau Claire on

I'm 36 wks and I gained 6 pds in 2 weeks, I wish I only gained 7 in a month! Don't worry so much about the number on the scale, I know it's hard but unless your doctor says something then it's probably not a big deal. I was freaking out my first pregnancy when I gained so much weight, the doctor told me he wasn't allowed to say how much his wife gained but I needed to stop worrying. I gained a total of 55pds with that pregnancy. Hopefully with this one I won't gain so much!
Good Luck, as long as you have a healthy baby that's all that matters!

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answers from Chicago on

I just gained 6 pounds last month. I'm trying not to worry about how much I gain, and I figure if it's bad for the baby my doctor will tell me. I think only 15 pounds so far is GREAT!

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answers from St. Louis on

Im 32 weeks and have gained 35 lbs!! Sorry I have no advice, just thought that might make you feel better. :(......

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answers from Burlington on

Don't stress too much about your weight gain appointment to appointment. I am one day shy of 40 weeks and just went to the doctors yesterday. They said my weight was up 4 lbs from the week before although the week before I had lost 2 lbs.
If you use a different scale in their office every week your weight will be different every week. As long as you are not retaining water try not to stress about the growing baby weight. You are just growning a happy, healthy baby in there!



answers from Seattle on

Eat plenty of lean protein, fiber and water. Someone mentioned eating just egg whites, but a bulk of the nutrients are in the yolk and it is sooooo good for you and your baby. Try non-fat Greek style yogurt. The Greek style is strained, so it has more protein. If you want something crunchy, grab a handful of almonds. They do have plenty of fat, but are packed with nutrients and are quite satiating. Much better for you than the fries!



answers from Chicago on

Please don't forget that you are building a baby! This doesn't mean you can or should go all out but consider that you're not just putting 'fat' on. You're also increasing your blood volume by 50%, your breasts are putting on a few pounds, you're building a placenta that is growing, and the baby is getting bigger since you're closing in on the third trimester and more and more fat is going to the baby.



answers from St. Louis on

I will say that in my 5th month I gained 10lbs. It was the most I gained the whole pregnancy. Even during my third trimester, I think I gained only 5-6 lbs the whole trimester. I just ballooned during the 5th month. I ended gaining about 30lbs total which my doctor said was perfect. I started out overweight too. I am now 6 weeks post partum and have lost ALL of the baby weight and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight without even having to really try. It could just be that your body did like mine and it will balance out over the rest of the pregnancy. I never really changed the way I ate when I was pregnant. I literally think all I did was add like one snack to my daily intake and it was usually a small one. I honestly wouldn't worry about it.

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