G Diapers or Something Similar?

Updated on June 12, 2008
K.N. asks from Long Beach, NY
6 answers

Hello Moms,

I have been thinking about switching from regular disposables to G Diapers or something like it. While I will consider using cloth on a part-time basis, I want to find a 'green' disposable. My little one gets breast milk exclusively, so her bms are liquidy. I would love to hear about your experiences with these types of diapers and would appreciate any suggestions/recommendations.


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answers from New York on

I have never tried gDiapers but I am a cloth diapering Mama :) When I invested $ in cd'ing I did not know of gDiapers! What a great concept...flushable diapers!!!!

I bought all-in-one cloth diapers (a.k.a. AIO's) that have the absorbant inner & waterproof outer all in one diaper. The brand I bought was Kushies & they really held up great through 1 baby & I will use them again for my baby-to-be come July :) They have velco tabs & are just as convenient as disposables (when I am home). When I am done with a diaper, I just toss it in my Wahmies Diaper Pail Liner until I launder them. I launder my cd's in hot water with Fragrance-Free Organic Detergent by Shaklee. I use distilled White Vinegar inside a Downey ball & it softens the diapers (just as fabric softener would without depositing softener on the diaper, which affects the absorption). It's just a little extra laundry & well worth it IMO financially & environmentally speaking.

I have used Seventh Generation disposables for extended stays away from home & highly recommend them!

Good luck to you, your baby, & your "green" diapering. You'll find what works best for you in no time :)



answers from New York on

I tried the g diapers. what a disaster. the poop was everywhere. If you do want to try them, wegmans sells the starter set pretty cheap. i wouldn't recomend wasting the money though. i'm using seventh generation, which i know fills landfills - but after the g-daiper experience i gave up.



answers from New York on

LOVE LOVE LOVE G Diapers, they are so easy wash up nicely,
and last forever.

Plus they look cute,

I use a prefold insert,

I save alot of money.

the snap in inserts make it easier and cheaper because you need LESS actual diaper covers, I use one diaper per day and 4 inserts,My boys are heavy wetters and I only need ONE prefold at night because it folds over in the front area,they are good sleepers, so it does tend to be DAMP but It doesn't bother me because i just wash him up with a wash cloth, or in the Tub, plus you could always double up. I just choose not to
plus your baby is still little and definately won't have this problem as volume is far less, LOL

Good thing to do, get a bucket for the poops with a little wate and soap in there, Kitty litter buckets work great or the powdered laundry detergent canister with a cover

I dump and flush the poops first then swish the cloth around in the bowl.but my son is now 2 years old LOL

in the baby stages, it all gets absorbed by the insert

Vinegar is great for cleaning a WELL used cloth insert
and every now and then toss them into the creamy clorox bleach. ( Just make sure to rinse twice)



answers from New York on

I am a first time mom and exclusively bf. I have a 4 and ahalf month old. I used g diapers in the beginning and got tired of washing them all the time. I switched to 7th generation disposables.
I actually have small g diapers if you'd like to try them.
I'd happily send them to you.


answers from Elmira on

G-diapers are great for AFTER the seedy breastfed bms. When the bms are a bit more sturdy and hard the g-diapers are the way to go. I love them, my daughter loves them and they have a very low impact on the environment.

I use the seventh generation disposables when I am not cloth diapering with wool covers.

Hope this helps



answers from New York on

I have no experience with G-diapers, but have heard lots of good things about them. Seventh Generation disposables are also supposed to be better for the environment than standard disposables.

We primarily practice EC (elimination communication) while using cloth as a back up system. At the beginning, before I learned her signals, I would hold DD over the potty during her diaper changes. Seriously it may sound crazy but it's really not, because you know as soon as you put on a new diaper your LO is GOING to soil it ;-) Just thought I'd mention another green option for dealing with your baby's eliminations.

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