G-diapers with a Doubler?

Updated on August 18, 2008
J.E. asks from Roscoe, IL
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I'm planning on using cloth diapers with my baby. I was told g-diapers made great covers that didn't leak, and just to use them with a prefold instead of the flushable inserts(which can get kinda pricey). From the looks of things, though, a diaper doubler would fit right into the place where the insert should go. Has this worked for any of you? Have any of you tried these diaper covers with prefolds? Thanks for the advice!

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answers from Chicago on

I've tried them all, literally. I have been cloth diapering for almost 13 years, and 4 children! Motherease is my favorite for everything. The baby g covers are soft and cute, and you could probably use a doubler in there occassionally if you're between washes, but it wouldn't give you the absorbancy of a full diaper of course.
Cloth diapering is really great. Enjoy.:)



answers from Chicago on

I've tried it and wouldn't really recommend it. The doublers work best in the pocket diapers they were made for and the G-diapers work best with the flushables. The doublers get all bunched up in the "Little Gs" and they don't really fit that well. I use G-diapers when we're going to be out for long periods of time and use SwaddleBees and Bum Genius 3.0's when we're closer to home. Congratulations and good luck!



answers from Chicago on

to guarantee no leaks...stick with the disposable insert with g-diapers. i also use bumgenius pocket diapers at and around home and g-diapers for longer periods away from home. so the price isn't so bad.



answers from Bloomington on

I have had a lot of customers do this. The key is to find a doubler that fits well. I know there is a yahoo group just for g-diaper users. With what my customers say, people start with G-diapers, then move to using reusable inserts in them, then make the switch to true cloth diapers with a favorite being the BumGenius 3.0

Some cloth diaper manufacturer's are starting to make inserts sized to be compatible with use of the g-diaper shells. I would suggest finding those especially for the size small.

For the medium size, the stay-dry double from Cotton Babies is a very good fit. Often people will use that with the Cotton Babies standard doubler below it for good absorbency.



answers from Chicago on

i tried this and it didn't work for us. the outer cloth part ALWAYS got dirty too so didn't save us. also my son outgrew them very quickly. by contrast, he's still wearing the same 9 pairs of fuzzi bunz that i started for him when he was about 5 weeks old. he's a big 8 monther now and will be in this same size as long as i can see.... they seem expensive, but they last a long, long time and are so easy and wonderful! would not use any other diaper!! i also found with the g diaper flushable inserts that it was really hard not to make a mess in the bathroom - you have to hold them up pretty high to then be able to rip the side pieces off... and the middle part sometimes falls all over the floor and toilet seat. yuck! go fuzzi bums! they have them at be by baby. it's a great thing to ask everyone at your shower to buy one. i think our total on cloth diapers from newborn until potty training was $300. good luck! good for you, whatever you decide, using cloth!!

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