G-diapers: Opinions, Advice, Suggestions?

Updated on March 16, 2011
S.G. asks from Tewksbury, MA
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My daughter is close to outgrowing her newborn diapers and we are researching which diaper to upgrade to. We are interested in the g-diapers so I wanted to hear from all the mamas out there that have tried them to see what they thought before we invested in them.

Do you have any opinions, advice or suggestions that would be helpful to us in our decision? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Based on everyone's great responses, we did research the Bum Genius diapers. Either diaper (g-diaper or bum genius) is an investment, so my husband looked at it from the perspective of what was going to be less work in the long run. We decided to give g-diapers a try because they have a more disposable feature while still being ecofriendly. We liked them. The only time the diapers leak are if we go longer than 4 hours without a change. Sometimes our daughter will sleep 4+ hours at night so I use 2 refills in the diaper to keep her from leaking. The soiled ones flush and the wet ones go in our compost pile (or I throw them away, depending on how I feel); either option will have them decomposing in a half a year and not sitting in a landfill.

One other option we loved about the g-diaper: They have how-to videos on their website and that's how we learned to put the diapers and how to properly dispose of them. Bum Genius didn't have anything like that and we were left feeling a little confused about how to use the diapers.

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answers from Washington DC on

I passed them up because a friend said she had leakage problems. This was 2 years ago so maybe they've improved. We went to BumGenius for cloth and used Pampers for daycare and trips. BG AIOs are bulky but they've served us pretty well (though we do PT cloth) and I haven't had to get more/bigger from newborn to toddler.

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answers from Spokane on

I loved mine when I used them. Sometimes they were a bit leaky but this was also several years ago. My local co-op did stop carrying them for a bit because they had so many returns & complaints about the leaking. But I think that must have been fixed because I noticed they started carrying them again about a year ago and they're really popular. I wish they did a type of pull-up. I still have two kiddos that wet the bed and I would use this system over the cloth any day if it were available.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I haven't tried them. I know a few that have though. I've heard mixed reviews. I have heard, pretty consistently, that the washable inserts are far better than the disposable ones.

If you 're looking to do cloth diapers, I would recommend either going with one size pockets or something like a hybrid system (similar to the gdiapers). Apple Cheeks and Flip Diapers are really great hybrid diapers.

I love my Baby Kicks USA 3g pocket diapers with a hemp insert.


answers from Birmingham on

I'm looking into gDiapers as well, I really LOVE the look/idea of them, but haven't used them yet, so I'd love to hear more opinions by those who've used them. BTW, I've heard really good things about kissa by kissaluvs from a friend who's CD'd all 4 of her babies



answers from Hartford on

I tried them and found them leaky. I used BumGenius. They're the best, super easy to use and clean. You can find them at www.cottonbabies.com. They have a ton of resources and super friendly folks.



answers from New York on

I haven;t used these, or even heard of them. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. We live in an apartment building with a common laundry room. We are eco friendly, but couldn't go the cloth route. the idea of a hybrid is appealing. The feedback on amazon for this brand though is mixed at best. Good luck.



answers from Gainesville on

I tried the gDiapers thinking I could use them when we were out and about as a compliment to cloth at home but they were just a big mess for us. Poo always made it out of the snap in liner so I'd have to change everything and I couldn't afford to invest in a second system so I'd have enough covers to make it feasible. Plus the covers are sized which means you have to buy more than the one size options. I might have felt differently like i said if I'd had the funds to invest in 2 diapering systems but I'd already bought prefolds and covers when I found gDiapers.

If I had it to do over again, I'd go all one size pocket diapers like BumGenius. They go on and off like a disposable and mine have held up really well. Buy about 12-18 and you are good to go for the entire time!



answers from Missoula on

I haven't tried g diapers, or any other cloth or hybrids for that matter, but I have friends who have tried them and the reviews of the g diapers seem to be pretty mixed. I am interested in something similar for my second baby, due next week, and I think I am leaning toward Grovia, which you can buy at costco.com.
Good luck with your decision!



answers from Boston on

I hate them. i love bum genius diapers

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