Fussy After Vaccination

Updated on March 31, 2008
M.K. asks from Boulder, CO
5 answers

My daughter received a vaccination for rotavirus four days ago and has been extremely fussy since. How long does the fussiness usually last after an immunization?

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answers from Pocatello on

Hi M.-my 2 month old just received the same vaccine and he too was very fussy. He also received other shots as well so I am not sure which or if all of them caused this. However, he also started throwing up. Since this is a live virus, my dr said this is a possibly. The throwing up only lasted a day and then the fussiness lasted about a week! Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I didn't know there was a vaccination for rotavirus??? Hmm.
I would ask your Pediatrician or read the paper they should have supplied you. Give her tylenol if the spot seems sore. It could be something else too, like teething.
Good for you getting her vaccinated! I just never heard of that vaccine or didn't realize there was one. Just ask your Dr.



answers from Boise on

Some kids recover from shots as soon as they are over, other kids can take up to a week. This shot is like the flu shot for infants and uses a form of live virus, from what I gather the rotavirus is the leading cause of stomach problems in children and pretty severe ones, I am going to look into it for my younger 2 know I don't know if they have had it and my older ones are to old. Call your DR if it keeps persisting and see what he has to say.



answers from Salt Lake City on

It can last up to a week. Give her some tylenol if you think she's in pain or uncomfortable. If you're worried about giving it too often, then just give it about 30 minutes before bedtime so at least she'll sleep better.

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