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Updated on August 17, 2011
C.A. asks from Dallas, TX
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I have noticed over the years that quite a few people say LIE-BURY instead of LIE-BRERE. (Library)

My mother says HAIR A KUN instead of HUR A CANE. (Hurricane)

She also says BAA TREE. One day one of my mom's friend's son who was around 8 years old at the time, he asks his mother in front of my mother, "Mama, what is a Baa tree and his mother says, BATTERY and he says, "Ooohhhh, battery." My mother, her friend, the boy and myself all cracked up in the car. We laughed and laughed and laughed over that one.

I have a hard time with REGISTRATION. I pronounce it wrong almost every time and my husband corrects me and we laugh about it. I heard my dad say it one day and he says it the same way I do. I think it is funny that we both pronounce it the same since I have not been around my dad a whole lot since my parents divorced when I was twelve.

My husband is from NY and says, AXE instead of ASK. One of his clients, tells him not to chop him up.

My BIL says POCK the CAW for PARK the CAR and BRUH FUSS for BREAKFAST.

What are some funny pronunciations you have heard?

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answers from Houston on

My MIL bless her heart has some classics:
Girafft - giraffe
winduh - window
avuhcaduh - avocado
marionade - marinade
perumesium - parmesan
shitterbum - shlitterbahn
ice cream comb - cone
warsh - wash
photogenic memory - photographic
and many more!
she is so funny!
My SIL says expecially for especially, and my husband says simular for similar.

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answers from Roanoke on

My old boss used to say "tore till ya" chips (tortilla chips). Just so happened to be one of her favorite foods too.

One of my biggest pet peeves ever: when people say eXpresso (espresso). Especially when they claim they're coffee snobs.

I saw these written at work once, made me laugh out loud: "rigamortis" (rigor mortis) and "kichin cuverds" (kitchen cupboards).

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answers from Phoenix on

coughey (coffee)
dawg (dog)
mirra (mirror)

my mother says pitnic instead of picnic and bear instead of beer. I used to say eggcorn instead of acorn

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answers from Dallas on

I hate it when people say "for all intensive purposes." It's "for all intents and purposes." Oh man, that drives me crazy!! Oh! Irregardless. Oh my goodness, that one is the worst. It's a word, but most definitely not a proper one.

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answers from Springfield on

Expresso - It's Espresso

Supposebly - Supposedly.

Melk for Milk (I do this...=(

Dialated instead of dilated when giving birth.

Measure - My husband says maysure, or something weird. haha.

Bruschetta - I hate when people who work at Italian Restaurants pronounce it incorrectly! It is pronounced "Brusketta" not with the typical "ch" sound.

I HATE axed instead of asked. Oh my!

Fun question!

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answers from Richmond on

murr-can =American

Heard that one at the tattoo parlor, from a guy getting an American flag tattoo. You're so patriotic you can't even say it right?!

owl = olive
wham-blance =ambulance
lemo-lade= lemonade
canna-LOOP= cantalope
turch= church
navr= neighbor
jew =juice
case-a-blah-blah = quesedilla
lellow= yellow

^^ Those are all from my kids ;)

draw = drawer and RA-DEE-AT-OR = radiator... my BFF from NY

breff-isk= breakfast, another from NY

fridge-a-fay-tah= refrigerator... another yankee!!

and apparently I say 'melk' instead of 'milk', per my husband ;)

OH, and I can't stand DIE-bet-es... diabetes.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

my husband says Woof instead of Wolf
my grandma used to say Warsh instead of Wash
I come from southern Utah where everything with an "O" is pronounced "AU"
ie: Laurd Daurthy there must be a staurm caumin
( Lord Dorthy there must be a storm coming)-
My mom never allowed this in our house my siblings and I managed to escape without the drawl

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answers from Kansas City on

crown- CRAYON
warsh- WASH (that one irks me the most i think)

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answers from Atlanta on

Mac Donalds (McDonald's)
Jewel Eye (July)

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answers from Seattle on

My dad says:
Warshington instead of Washington.
Greezy = Greasy
And he puts "the" in front of every store... The Fred Meyer, The Target, The Walmart, The Safeway. Apparently, there are only one of each as far as he's concerned.
My mom says:
Mac Donald's for McDonald's
She can't say "variety" - She says "va-rar-ity" or some variation. She can't say "aluminum" either. It comes out all strange and different every time. It's hilarious... Haha.

One of my co-workers uses the word "mature" A LOT... Like 10 times a day. But she says it "Ma-tour." I think that's actually a proper pronunciation (I say it "ma-chur" - also acceptable per Merriam-Webster - heehee), but it drives me to the brink of insanity by the end of every week! I have no idea why it bugs me so much - maybe she just bugs me in general. Haha.

Gotta add these! My daughter's, now those are cute! But... She just turned 3. :)
Hotten Candy = cotton candy
lellow = yellow
Comfy Billage = Country Village (a cute little shopping center near us)

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answers from Fargo on

CHOIR-practor instead of Chiropractor. I told my chiro that I now expect her to sing while adjusting my back.

My husband says maneurism instead of mannerism.

LOL @ Rachel with the diabetes translation. People here say "The DIE-beet-us" First of all, there's no "THE", second of all, it doesn't end in "us". Hahaha!

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answers from Cleveland on

Oooh, ooh, ooh! I just realized another one that drives me up a wall, so I had to add it! : )

(Sorry to all of you who use it, but it's just wrong!)

Supposably. (That is an adverb that means - and ONLY means - capable of being supposed.) The correct word is supposedly. SupposEDLY.

Ones I've heard that drive me nuts:

Feb-u-ary (there really is a second R in there!)
Real-a-tor (realtor)
Nu-cu-ler (nuclear)

And when people write they "would of" done it. Ugh! Really? (I'm thinking they missed school the day the teacher taught contractions!)

My parents - I love them dearly - both say "chimley". I don't know if they really think that is how it's pronounced, or if one of us kids said it that way when we were young and they just kept saying it because they thought it was cute. I don't know. But it's not.

And it's not cute when they still say (because of kids' mis-pronounciations) hang-ga-ber for hamburger, hopsital for hospital, and pissgetti for spaghetti. But, I love them too much to say anything about it and hurt their feelings.

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answers from Charleston on

"Crick" for creek. Drives me insane. It is an upstate NY thing where my husband is from. :)

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answers from Phoenix on

HA HA HA....Now those are funny! My son, when he was three, he couldn't say "Truck", he said it with the "F" in front of it. "Oh look mama, a big *uck". My husband and I laughed so hard (inside that is)...and we kept practicing with him until he got it right. But it struck a giggle nerve for sure!

My Mom is from Oklahoma, and she constatly says, "WORSH", instead of "WASH". She also says, "TwiceT", instead of just 'twice'. My husband says, "Buuury" for Bury, but I pronounce it "berry". LOL I've heard "CoooPon" for Coupon, and "Cue-pon".

My friend acrossed the street says "hamberg" for hamburger'. lol

There are some others...i just can't think of any more right now. lol

OH and TOOF for Tooth...HA HA HA..

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answers from Denver on

My mom cannot pronounce "Alan" and "Ellen" - she says them and they sound exactly the same!
My grandma said "warsh"
My aunt says "ammonia" (when she means pneumonia)
-- she also says "purdy"
My grandpa says "crik" (instead of creek)
I work for an Australian company, so that's fun! My co-worker told me she went into Home Depot looking for bathtubs. Aussies don't pronounce hard "r" or short "a" sounds like Americans do (paRking lot, bAth tub, etc.) so when she asked where the "bOHths" were, they could not figure out what she meant! Until her daughter said (who was born here) "she means bAAths" :) I have learned some fun Aussie slang working here, though!

My biggest annoyances when it comes to pronunciation are:
"expresso" instead of "espresso"
"axed" instead of "asked"
"pitcher" instead of "picture"

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answers from Dallas on

My granny wrashed (washed) clothes!

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answers from Chicago on

The one that drives me crazy is el-in-noise instead of ill-in-oy

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answers from Detroit on

This is drives me batty...

axe isn't ask

irregardless and the phrase could care less (should be couldn't care less)

Not really a pronunciation issue, but a spelling one...

SEQUINS is not SEQUENCE :) and vice versa, the thing that really gets me is there, their and they're

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answers from Dallas on

My all time favorite.....

Pee- Can. How about some Pee-can- pie? LOL!!!!! It's Puh-cahn

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answers from Minneapolis on

My FIL is old school farm boy. Tiger is "tagger" and pillow is "pellow".

I, too, get nutso for AXED for asked. Ugh.

Sayings that get wonky make ME wonky too.
My hubby says "5 of one, half dozen of another"...dude, it is supposed to mean the same thing...6 of one, is a half dozen of another...get it? Nope, he still says it wrong. I want to slap him upside his head.

A cute one dd who is about to be 17 always said "hippo-hot-o-mos" for hippopotamus. Still cute.

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answers from Spokane on

My MIL pronounces Home Depot as "Home Dep-O"
Instead of breakfast my husband says "brea-fas" ~ drops the k and t.
My son calls spaghetti "scabetti"

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answers from Jacksonville on

It's only cute/funny if it is a small child that does it because they haven't quite gotten their mouth to do the physical pronunciation part right just yet. For adults, I don't find it at all funny. I find it sad. I will probably get a lot of negative comments for saying that, but it's the truth. I'm assuming that your mother is educated enough to know the proper way to pronounce those things. Some people aren't or learned from their parents who weren't. Some might be a regional thing like slang words/pronunciations. But most, I find to be laziness or lack of education. Both of which I find sad.

Not that it makes me seem any less "mean", but language and its misuse are pet peeves of mine and my husband's. He even fussed at our kids when they were younger for saying "hayur" for "hair" (we live in the south).

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answers from Washington DC on

I have been in a crabby mood the last two days... THANK YOU ALL for these responses. I, grumpy ole me, was laughing out loud! I may just be out of this stinky rut!!! :)

And, I have a few I've heard:
OF-TEN The T is supposed to be silent!!!
WOOD-ER Instead of water. I hear that all the time.
FUS-TRA-TED instead of fRustrated
DRAW-LING instead of drawing (THAT one really confuses me... why the extra L?

A couple of "cute" ones from my kids:
FREEZ-GA-TOR instead of refrigerator
ES-KI-MEE-TO instead of mosquito

My grandmother says DEE instead of DAY... Saturdee, Sundee... :)


answers from Dallas on

I live in Grand Prairie. Everyone calls it Grand Pairy.
I had a neighbor that asked me once "what do you like?" I was really confused. She meant "What do you lack?" AS in how much until you are done?
My mother in law has a cute little saying - needamind that substitutes for nevermind.


answers from Austin on

win-dur ( window ) "close the windur"
boosh ( bush ) " cut the booshes "
git ( get ) " lets git going"
share ( shower ) " take a share "
brickfast ( breakfast ) " eating brickfast "


answers from Dallas on

My granny says BURE-RITA (burrito). And, she says 'cord' like CARD...extension CARD. A funnier hubby has never been able to say 'vagina' always comes out 'VIR-gina'! Of course, that word doesn't come up much, but when it does, I laugh pretty hard!! My son, 5, says 'cactus' like CAF-en-ess...another one that makes me giggle. Hubby teases me for the way I say 'egg', 'red', 'oil' and 'window', but all that's just the Texan in me!



answers from Daytona Beach on

my sister says babing (bathing) suit and deble (double) and she absolutely refuses to say cinamon. my husband has piersonisms (where he's from) he uses words incorrectly ALL the time. instead of wary, he'll say weary, etc.


answers from Kansas City on

I don't know if anyone has this yet...haven't read through any of the post.

My grandmother said "thurapee" for therapy, and worsh instead of wash.

I'm from Missouri, drives me nuts when people say Missourah. Believe it or not it's natives of this state that say it wrong more often than anyone.

Oh and when I lived in Colorodo they would say West-min-i-ster instead of West-min-ster.



answers from Grand Rapids on

prostrate cancer instead of prostate cancer
lie berry instead of library


answers from Pocatello on

my father in law will say "three FOOT of snow..." instead of 3 FEET...

My 2.5 year old has some funny ones...

"Bla-Bla" = Banana
"Wawa" = Water
"Boyfriends"= Vitamins (I kid you not, she asks for her boyfriend in the morning!)
Dairy= Daddy

In college my art professor's pet peeve was that every wyoming student she had in class pronounced "italian", "AYE-talian" in stead of "it-al-ian" hehehe (that used to include myself, eek!)

Oh and the worst was an old freind of my husbands who pronounced his own name wrong! He said "Coo-dis" but his name was Curtis (Ker-tis), and I know I had it right because that is how his family pronounced his name!

what is so funny is that she has very good pronunciation of most words, but to say "Daddy can I have some vitamins?" She says "Dairy can I have some boyfriends..." hehehe...



answers from Miami on

My nana used to say:

arthur-eye-tis = arthritis and dye - ree = Diarrhea :-)



answers from Dallas on

A lot of these mispronunciations are regional. I'm from the North and live in the South now so I have noticed a lot of the ones mentioned. When my daughter was in first grade she had to see the school speech therapist for a while. The woman had a heavy Southern accent and I secretly worried that my daughter would pick up the accent. She didn't. She did however pick up a few mispronunciations from her Indian Kindergarten teacher. She would come home talking about NaTANiel instead of NaTHANiel.



answers from Honolulu on

Carry bean (for Caribbean, the place)

Crow-ket for "Croquette."


answers from Dallas on

My MIL says Wal-Mark and Kmark!!! Drives me CRAZY!!! She says the days of the week with it ending in "EE" as in Mondee, Tuesdee, Wensdee, etc.... UGH!



answers from Utica on

My husband HATES when I say fudge-i-cle. He says there is no such thing and that its a fudgesicle

Whatever =)



answers from Dallas on

Nikki for Nike (brand)
Toos-dee for Tuesday
Alligator for elevator
Shore for sure
Brefis for breakfast
Lie-berry for library
My favorite is when my MIL calls Buzz Lightyear...Bud Light! Hee hee!


answers from Dallas on

neither my Brother or his wife can say napkin...
he says natkin and she says napkims...

My Dad had some funny ways of pronouncing things, He's from the north and he says rut for root and crik for creek, that kind of thing

but My Mom and I are pretty generic

that was fun! thanks for asking



answers from Los Angeles on

These are pretty fun. Some I know are regional accents, others... not so much!
Let's see, I was born in Boston but grew up in SoCal, so some things my family says different and I get teased (good naturedly, of course), but other times, the way people in CA say it drives me crazy!

I saw mir-ror, people here say "meer"
I emphasize the "Aa" in Aaron or the "E" in Erin. In CA, both names sound the same (kind of like air-in) and you never know if they are talking about a boy or a girl.
Mary, Marry and Merry are all pronounced the same here too (also, with kind of an "air" sound for the vowel)

Other ones that drive me crazy:
jewel-er-y (with the extra e)

a coworker used to tell me she would get "flustrated" instead of either frustrated of flustered.

One of my friends likes to say that her son is the "splitting" image of his father.

Supposably makes me laugh b/c of Joey on Friends thinking it was right.

And don't even get me started on all the writing ones that a few people mentioned before... my list is so long!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hut-dog (hot dog)
Ruf (roof)
MYOO-se um (musEum)



answers from Houston on

SomBRENO (sombrero)
SimULAR (similar)
NACtivity scene (nativity scene)
SAL-mon (salmon-the "L" is silent in this word)
AYLmond (should be ALLmond)


answers from El Paso on

Lol so funny.
I say fridgerator, cimanom (cinnamon), esploded (exploded)



answers from Minneapolis on

I can't say words that end in a K. Truck, milk, ask ETC....friends have made fun of me ever since I can remember ;)
I also can't prounounce the word comfortable correctly, people have told me when I say the word, I pronounciate each syllable the way it sounds.
Com fort table.


answers from Chicago on

My hubby has a hard time saying "humanitarian" comes out "humitarian."


answers from Washington DC on

My mom says "ORAL" instead of OIL.

I have to agree with your husband's friends - please don't AX me...that one just drives me INSANE!!!!

my daughter used to pronounce yellow as LELL-o



answers from Dallas on

I say "crick" for creek...grew up in MT. And it irritates my to hear the L in salmon....The L is silent!



answers from Cincinnati on

My mom says WARSH or WARSHINGTON instead of WASH. I honestly thought there was an R in wash until about 3rd grade. Most of my Missouri relatives pronounce it that way too (thats where she's from).

I used to work with a girl that would always say "ideal" instead of "idea"...ex: "Hey guys, I just had a great ideal!"....that one drove me insane!



answers from San Francisco on

Meeeyalllk----when people draw it out to say MILK

escavator instead of elevator


toof --tooth

doh --door

What kills me about the words above is that---the adults say it this way--not my kiddos. !!! :)



answers from San Francisco on

Almond ( One way is to pronounce it sort of like palm but will the l sound, another is like salmon). Both sound correct to me now but I used to say it the second way.

Set inplace of sit drives me nuts. The Lie bury pronunciation you mentioned gives me that hee-bee-jee-bee nails on a chalkboard feeling. (shudder)



answers from Boston on

My dad drops a lot of middle "t" sounds so they sound like "d" or are missing entirely: "There are thirdeen tur-ils in the meh-il boh-il" (There are thirteen turtles in the metal bottle). It's a common dialect in the neighborhood that he grew up in so his immediate family does the same thing. Very odd.

One of my college roommates used to make "quarter" rhyme with "water." It took me a while to figure out what a "quatter" was.

In Rhode Island it took me a while to figure out that asking someone if she was "going to the potty" was an invite to a PARTY and not the bathroom.

Hearing a drawer called a "draw" drives me nuts but that's pretty common here in the land of the mangled language.



answers from Los Angeles on

My husband says "crown" for crayon (it's a long A sound!). He thinks I'm weird for trying to correct him, and he thinks I'm the one misprounouncing it! :-)



answers from Dallas on

I have a friend who can't say Yahoo. He will say yay-hoo. And, when my dad asked for a double scoop of ice cream, it was alway a 'double dip'. I used to say pallow instead of pillow, and my daughter will say mirrah instead of mirror (must me the New Yorker in her from my in-laws!)



answers from San Antonio on

People are always adding an "s" in the middle of the name of my home town- it's New Braunfels not New Brownsfels. Or PEE CAN for Pecan.
I hate the Axed for asked, sit-chi-ation for situation.
I admit that somethings I say probably sound funny to people- I have an accent that is a strange mix of southern and Texan and when I have had a few drinks it gets worse:)



answers from Dallas on

my son says deevuhdee instead of Dee VEE DEE. LOL! My older son says FRUhSTUHRATED instead of frustrated makes us laugh so we all use it in the house only!


answers from Columbus on

I love my mother in law to bits. She is the cutest thing on the planet. She's origionally from Rhode Island. She's known for taking away the 'r's and inserting them when they're not called for.

She'll pronounce her own name, "Sheil-er" for Sheila. Do you see an R in Sheila? I don't see an R. Anybody? Anybody?

But she'll throw one in to Napa; "Napper" she calls it.

And I swear to you all, my neighbor once told me about the difficult birth of her grandson said something about the um-BIBLICAL chord. Totally true. Not making that one up.



answers from Boston on

London Frog coat for London Fog coat

Mass-a- 2- shetts for Massachusetts (Mass-a-chew-setts)

And reading these, I realize I have been saying ex-press-o! Yikes! Sorry!



answers from Philadelphia on

When my son was young, we were all convinced he had four thingers and one fumb on each hand.



answers from Spokane on

My MIL calls it a bat-a-RAY - drives me nuts! lol

Also, my husband and I fight about the correct way to say apricot - he thinks it's a hard A; I think it's soft. *shrug*


answers from Cleveland on

My 18 year old pronounces EVERYTHING wrong! We just adopted her last year, so I blame her upbringing! lol

Brepfas = Breakfast
Meer-a = Mirror
ca-o-full = Careful
Die-gan-al = Diagonal
Cosh-nee-ance = Conscience
Just to name a few!



answers from Minneapolis on




answers from Chattanooga on

my husband says valentimes day instead of valentines day

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