Fundraiser for Friend with Cancer

Updated on September 14, 2008
S.W. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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I'm beginning to organize a fundraiser event for a friend of mine who has cancer. I am doing it simply because I want to, but not because I have any experience or idea about how this sort of thing gets done! Anyone out there ever done something like this on a VERY SMALL BUDGET!!! I have a potential place, some potential entertainment, but nothing else so far.

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So What Happened?

Well, thanks to the great advice of members of this group - the fundraiser is well on it's way! It will be on October 24th (a week from Friday) from 6 - 9 PM. It's a family dinner, and all are welcome to come to Bayless Elementary School (4530 Weber Road - St. Louis 63123)! Raffles, kids games and prizes, door prizes, 50/50 drawing, chair massages, some really nice items donated from local businesses! Thanks so much! Come if you can!

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It is really sweet of you to do this for your friend! I've never done a fundraiser myself but have been on the fringes many times. So here are a few things that could help.

1. Get some friends to help you - brainstorm ideas of what you want to do, and figure out how to accomplish it. Divide up the tasks and it won't be such a struggle for one person.

2. I'm not sure what kind of event you are planning to do, but is this a by invitation only thing, where everyone coming is a family, friend or co-worker of yours and your friends? Or are you putting on an event that the general public would attend? The latter is more complex, but you'd generate more money.

3. Get as much outside involvement as possible. Get the space donated - perhaps have it at the hospital where your friend goes. Get a radio station to announce the event. See if a local restaurant or grocery store will donate food.

4. One thing you can do as a side event to whatever you're planning is to find women who are in those businesses where they sell things to friends - like Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Beautry Control, etc. Ask them to come and set up a table and donate a portion of their proceeds to the event. I have a friend who sells Beauty Control products AND designs her own jewelry and I know she would be thrilled to do something like this. I also know two women who own 2 LIttle Stars, a baby clothing company, and I bet they would get involved too. I'll give you their names if you want.

Hope that helps!



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Just call around and ask. Call churches and ask if they'd be willing to donate space. Call restaurants, esp. ones you or your friend frequent, and ask if they'd be willing to donate space and/or food. Call places you like to shop, especially if you are recognized there, and ask if they can donate anything (door prizes, decorations, etc). Then print fliers with time, ticket price, and your friend's story. Put them up everywhere. Send them to the post, to the radio stations, to churches, schools, etc. Do this at least three weeks ahead of time, and maybe call around reminders two days before.
I do fundraisers. :)



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Hi S., I've never done one all by myself before either, but i did help with one a couple years ago. My girlfriend's best friend needed help becuase he daughter had cancer (very bad). So i joined in to see if i could help with anything. It turned out great!! I know that they said never buy anything out right,have everything donated that you can. YOu need some very dedicated friends to help out. The Key thing is to be organized and prepared. You call around and ask for donations for auctions, some places will give you free food to serve, gift cards, booze, sodas ect. I don't have a whole lot of answers but i thought maybe that was a start for you in the right direction. Good luck with it! If you have any questions i would be glad to answer anything that i could. Best wishes for your girlfriend!!!



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S., I'd begin by asking businesses that your friend patronizes regularly as well as businesses that you patronize for donations. You might compile a memory book for her with photographs,sentiments from friends and family with ads purchased by local businesses and groups and use that as the program for the event. Perhaps a printing company will donate some or all of the labor and/or materials.notify the pr departments of the local radio,TV, with the announcement and newspapers they all cover a certain amount of public interest for free.and make sure the activity is one she likes as well as all food etc so that everything is special for her but with wide appeal to attract the most participants. If there is a foundation or medical organization that supports research or treatment for this particular illness try to involve them and definitely include her and your church or religious organization.



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you might want to put up flyers at your local grocery store and school and with friends and ask for donations of things like gift baskets go to stores and ask for gift cards and do a silent auction at your fnd raiser as well they are a lot of fun and they bring in extra money or you can sell raffle tickets and do a 50/50 sell them for $1 a piece and the lucky winner gets 50% of what you got sold. Good luck and pray that is powerful


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I am also planning a fund raiser right now. Here are some tips for you.

1. The first thing to do is organize a group of people to help you. You cannot do this alone. Trust me. You'll need help setting up and cleaning up before and after the event as well as help promoting and soliticing.

2. The second thing you have to accomplish is to give the function a monetary goal. Don't be scared to put a number on how much you would like to raise. Furthermore, do not be ashamed to tell everyone how much you are shooting for. Post it everywhere during the event. Decide how the money collected will be distributed. Your best bet is to set up an account at a local bank with $25 to start. When you are promoting this, put the bank information on flyers, brochures, emails, etc.

3. You said you have a venue. Well, since that is out of the way, who is your audience? Is this taking place in Creve Coeur or Pevely? What food would they prefer? What drinks, etc? Be sure to find out where she is going for treatment and include the office in the event.

4. Once you've established that, next thing to do is solicit donations from local businesses. Be sure to take a flyer with pictures of your friend and his or her family telling his or her story.

5. Once you've received donations, figure how to use the donation. (**Obviously, if you receive donated catering service, this will be used / served at the event. Be sure to have the restaurant's business cards and flyers strategically placed and be sure to credit them on the invitations or flyers.) If you receive products, services, or gift certificates, try to muscle a few baskets out of a local craft store and have a raffle (yes, you'll have to buy raffle tickets from a party store) for the baskets, each ticket costing $5 or $10. Have a 50/50 raffle also where each ticket costs $20 with the prize being 50% of the pot. Limit the number of tickets available for this to no more than about 50 tickets. This gives the purchaser the opportunity to win $500.

6. Now that you have an idea of the events that will take place, who will be the entertainment and who will provide food and drinks, create an agenda based on what you know will transpire. When are you going to introduce your friend and his or her family (make sure he or she has a small speach prepared). What time will the band start and how long will they play? What time will food be served? Drinks? What time will you raffle the baskets? What time will you raffle the 50/50? If you have big items for raffle, how about a silent auction? What time do you want that to take place? What time is the function ending?

7. Prepare words for yourself to speak about your friend. Be sure to rehearse what you are going to say. Thank everyone for coming and mention everyone who participated, donated time and effort, etc.

8. Before any of the above can happen, pray. When all is said and done and the event is over, pray.

Good luck, God Bless, and I hope this helps!!!

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