Fund Raising Ideas for MOPS Group

Updated on February 25, 2007
E.M. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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We are doing a group garage sale and a cassarole sale to help support our MOPS group, but we are still in need of another source of fund raising to ensure our dues for the semester don't go up. We were doing a music sale, but that has been eliminated (I am not sure why). Any ideas would be appreciated!!

Also, we are always looking for coupons/samples/gift certificates to hand out as prizes during our meetings. This is a great way to spread the word about your businesses!

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Thanks for all the input!!! We will be meeting early next month to go over ideas and i will be presenting them to the group then - thanks again!!!

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Don't forget to buy drinks to sell at your garage sale. Either sodas, bottled water, or hot chocolate (depending upon our TX weather!). You can get them so cheap, and make some major profit off of them! Even donuts and candy bars are good sellers depending upon your turnout.
The fall fundraiser at my childrens' preschool has always been butterbraids. They make a killing off of them. I would definitely keep this for future reference. They are great to sell right before Thanksgiving for people to have around the holidays. Go to for more info.
You could also have members or other WAHM make up gift baskets for auction. I might be interested in donating one, or items for future meetings.

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I am new at this, what is MOPS?



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I do fundraisers with my Premier Jewelry business. I donate anywhere from 25-35% of my profit depending on sales. Email me for more information. I'd love to help if I can!

[email protected]



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We are doing a chuurch wide luncheon as a fundraiser. and selling Tshirts that say; got MOPS? and got moppets? The shirt sale is going on now, and our luncheon is on May 6th. So i cant say if they work or not but its and idea or two. Where is your MOOPS group at? I am in Ft Worth-Hulen area.



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Hi E.!

Check out It's a search engine just like Google only you get one penny for each search donated to your charity.




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Hi E.! I sell pampered chef and I do fundraisers through them. Please let me know if you are interested!
###-###-#### or [email protected] Thanks!



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Hi E.,

My name is P. and my website is I sell several personalized music CD's for infants/children. I also sell interactive story book CD's where the child is the star of the story. The child is personalized using their name, ethnicity, gender, hair and eye color. I've recently added personalized labels to the products I distribute. I have two different sizes of sticker labels, great for all types of children's items. I also have iron labels and bag tags. Every household finds themselves in need of labels for their children's items as they enter daycares, camps and sports activities. These labels are extra tough, microwave & dishwasher save, UV resistant and washer & dryer safe. I'm actually looking for opportunities to "give back" and would love to help your MOPs organization with a fundraiser. Please see my website for more information. I hope to hear from you.

[email protected]

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