Fun Way to Tell Your Older Child?

Updated on April 27, 2012
V.G. asks from Lake Villa, IL
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Okey ladies I am pregnant and I have a 6 year old daughter. What is the fun and sure shot way of telling your kid that there is a new baby coming in home. How did you tell the first time and any surprises to expect down the line!!

I just completed 3 months and mothers day is coming up, thinking that may be a nice present for us!

Suggestions welcome!


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So What Happened?

We finally showed her pic of Ultraslound and asked her to guess..different guess icluding Baby String..she wants a sister biut will love the boiy anyways. We are all excited!

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I know someone who gave her high school aged daughter a baby shoe to hang on her backpack as a "You get to be a big sister" gift. And I hope you let her come for an ultrasound visit.

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Get her a big sister shirt and give it to her! She will figure it out really fast.
Congratuations. Glad you waited until you finished your first trimester.

Or make a cake; one layer pink and one blue!

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answers from Dallas on

you tell her "Honey, remember that time you walked in on Mommy and Daddy" :-) just kidding......I couldn't resist it!!
I would pick your little girl's favorite game or activity and incorporate the surprise in a guessing game with cards.......

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Did you save the baby stuff? If so I would do the shirt and also start pulling out the baby stuff and washing it and putting it into drawers etc when she can help. when she asks why you can say cause your new little sister / brother will be able to use it.

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Your daughter is 6, I think she is old enough that you could tell her now.

What about a homemade card? If your daughter is anything like my 6 year old, they love getting cards. The best thing about a card is that is something that doesn't take up a lot of room and can be saved for years.

Good luck and congrats again!


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You could give her a big sister book, and tell her she needs to learn all about being a big sister. When I was expecting our third, I took out all of the books about babies and told my oldest that I we should read them to our middle child. She asked why and I said "Well, he's going to be a big brother". She said "What do you mean he's going to be a big brother????" I'll never forget the look on her face when we told her we were expecting again. She was truly surprised.



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Just a thought...I'm sure you're anxious...and maybe your daughter is totally not like my kids...but I don't tell the kids until I'm quite a bit further along. Otherwise I'm bombarded with, "How much longer?" "How many more days?" And somehow...telling them that there's almost 200 days left...does not seem to make them not ask the same question a day or two later. Anyway...just a thought!! Otherwise...I like the shirt idea...we 'told' our kids with the ultrasound dvd that I got with my last one. This pregnancy has been the soonest we've told any of the kids...I took our daughter with me to the ultrasound and she LOVED it (the 20 week one where you can find out the gender). I took our 6 year old to my last appointment where he heard the heartbeat...and he also LOVED it :). was really nice when I didn't tell them until I was 6 months along and obviously went be a lot faster for them...the wait is already killing them...2 months since we told them...3 months left of the pregnancy.


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Earlier this week I pulled into the wrong parking spot at Toys R Us/ Babies R Us. It was one of those marked for expecting moms. My five year old said "we can't park here mom because that bird will get mad." (That made me laugh for five minutes straight.)

Well, I'm not having another kid EVER but thought that would be a REALLY cute way of telling someone you're pregnant--if they KNOW what that sign means. :)



answers from Dallas on

I am with the ones that said a big sister shirt. That would be cute!!!



answers from St. Louis on

We did the shirt for our daughter. We also took her to the ultrasound appointment when we found out we were having a boy. She loved being so involved. She always referred to him as "our baby". She was 6 at the time. Congratulations!



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We told our 6 & 7 year olds by showing them the 1st ultrasound picture and asking them what it was a picture of. Fun to hear their responses and they were real excited when they figured it out.:-) The wait has not been an older has been more concerned by how big I'm getting and asking if I will be thin again right after the baby is born. My younger likes to "hug the baby". Both love to feel the kicks. We are in the last 6 weeks now and they are excited but know the landmarks that we THINK the baby will be born soon after the school year is done. Best wishes to you!



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Congrats on expecting your new baby! I love the big sister t-shirt idea that Patty mentioned!
M.K. -that totally cracked me up!

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