Fun Things to Do with My Grandchildren While They Are Visiting

Updated on March 27, 2010
A.S. asks from Cape Coral, FL
5 answers

I have two grandchildren ages 1 and 3 that will be visiting me in the Cape. are there any suggestions other than the beach, etc. that i can take them to?

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answers from Kansas City on

My kids just love the idea of being with grandma and grandpa. They don’t have to do a thing! 1 and 3 are ages that don’t need entertainment (speaking from someone with a 5 and 12 year old who do need it!). What about just going for a walk, or playing ball in your yard? Blowing bubbles? I don’t know if they are boys or girls but my daughter loved to have tea parties with grandma when she was 3. They did (still do) crafts together. Lots of coloring! Grandmas just seem to have undivided attention and kids sense that. And my kids loved that grandma has a drawer with all their stuff in it - even though almost every drawer in our house is dedicated to their stuff! Enjoy your time with them!

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answers from San Antonio on

Don't know anything about Cape Coral, FL, but fun things I do/did with my now 23 month old are:
- feed the ducks at the local pond/lake/river
- playground with a baby swing for sure for the 1 yr old
- go to the pet store and see the fish, mice, cats, etc.
- go to the nearest animal shelter and pet the kittens. THe dogs often bark and might scare the 1 year old. I'd suggest you hold the 1 yr old in your arms.
- get a ball and play outside (bubbles too!)
- go shopping at the dollar store. 3 yr old can pick 3 new toys to play with!

Have fun, Grandma! Take lots of pictures! (or rather, have someone else take pics of you with the kiddos).

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answers from Minneapolis on

check out , they have 101 Things To Do in Your City, and tons of fun activities!

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answers from Orlando on

Ages 1 and 3? How about the park? Find out where a few local parks are in your area. Buy a few outdoor toys like balls and bubbles and just let them RUN! Then, back at your house, have plenty of books to read together.

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answers from Boston on

do you have any childrens museums around? Its always a great place to go to for any age

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