Fun Things to Do in NH, Northern Mass and Southern Maine

Updated on April 17, 2013
J.D. asks from Rochester, NH
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I'm looking for new ideas of something fun to do with my family over April vacation. What are your favorite places to visit in NH, Northern Mass or Southern Maine? My children range in ages 1 - 14. So finding something everyone is happy with can be tricky. I also need something that we can do even if it decides to rain.

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answers from Orlando on

Santas Village, The Flume, Lake Winnepasukee has a nice boat ride/camping, Storyland are all in NH. In Portland Maine, we went to the childrens museum which was good, and someplace on the beach there in Southern Maine that had a carnival atmosphere/shops, etc. Can't remember the name, though. Have also been to Canoby Lake park and that was great. Stuff for all ages to do, even the little ones.

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answers from Boston on

Hi! You're next week, right?
The Fishercats are home and they are running a baseball and softball camp that week.
How about the Paper House in Rockport? That, Hammond Castle , and a picnic lunch would make a full day. They say it's going to warm up later in the week.
The See Science Center for a rainy day.
Have you been to the Amoskeag Fishway yet?
My kids love when we go to the Kittery Trading Post, Yummies, When Pigs Fly and then land at the beach.
Doesn't Mel's Funway open in time for April vacation?
I'm sorry, I'm sure there is much more but I'm a little frazzled, my son keeps calling me from Six Flags for info on what's happening in Boston, he has friends and workmates there.
Oh! My favorite--- Strawbery Banke, they must be open.
Come to Lowell, so much to see and do.
Have fun!

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answers from Washington DC on

I used to live in Northern Mass and was born in Maine. My parents always took us to Canoby Lake (I think that's what it's called). It's an amusement park in NH and SO fun! It's a smaller place, but great fun for everyone.

Otherwise, there is TONS of history. Lots of fun things to do with that. Museums, art galleries, kid museums, etc. You really can't go wrong visiting that region.

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answers from Boston on

Coco Key water resport in Danvers might be a good idea - it's an indoor water park. Maybe see if places like LL Bean do factory tours? I think in Portland Tom's of Maine and a candy company do factory tours. It wouldn't occupy a whole day but if it's nice out, you could look at some of the lighthouses or if it's rainy or cold, there are several museums in the area.

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answers from New York on

We had a great time going to the White Mountain Region. There are some great family friendly hotels, like the Inn at Mt. Washington, and lots of attractions. Story Land, Santas Workshop, country stores, zip wires and other outdoor adventure type things, the cog railroad, hiking, etc. The only thing is, I just realized you said April, which will be cold and rainy in that region!

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answers from Boston on

York Animal Kingdom, near Kittery.



answers from Pittsfield on

The Portland area is great. Macworth Island is the exit right past the city. you can see it from the highway and if you go during low tide - it has the best beach glass and tidal pools. Then as you come around to the other side you get to "Fairy house" world. Fun for all ages - people build fairy houses - adult sizes and little fairy sizes - it is a great surprise if you didn't tell them it was coming. Also just south of Portland is Fort Williams. It has a bunch of old military ruins that are fun to check out and the beautiful lighthouse that is used in like - every Maine tourist shot. We moved to Ohio for a year and were delighted to see it used as the sample picture on a wall of picture frames for sale :)
Then, in the city is Munjoy Hill - which is just a beautiful peak to the city that looks at panoramic views of the ocean/islands/boats, etc...
You can take a ferry out to Peaks Island - bring a picnic lunch and walk the island. There, again, are old military baricades to explore that are really cool and just lots of little hide away's down to the beach.



answers from Hartford on

We love Santa's village in jefferson NH for our younger kids ( 4 and 6). Depending on your older kids attitude, it could be fun for them to. The rides are safe for smaller kids, but also fun for adults (though not as "thrilling" as six flags), there is Whales Tale water park in Lincoln, Clarks Trading post. We love summers in NH!

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