Fun Things for 5 Yr Old with Broken Leg

Updated on February 15, 2011
A.S. asks from Schwenksville, PA
6 answers

My 5 year old broke his leg and has about 3 wks left in his cast. He is primarly wheelchair bound and i am racking my brain thinking of things to get us out of the house. I know we can do movies... but that is what he does at home a lot. Jungle wonder and Arnolds are out... too low to even reach the games. Oh and to add to it, I am due to deliver his baby sister any day now ;-) Any ideas?

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answers from Philadelphia on

You can take him to a bowling alley. They have ramps for people in wheelchairs to roll the ball down the alley. Call ahead and make sure your bowling alley has one.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Bless your heart. I'd do what I had to to get through at this point. Puzzles, paper dolls, finger paint, playdough, board games, TV, etc. Call your pediatrician and ask if there is a play space for kids with physical disabilities. Does your Y or gym have a basketball court? He could play basketball from a wheel chair. This is a great time for him to learn compassion for people who have to live the rest of their lives in wheelchairs-- use it as a teaching opportunity.

I love Shane's idea of the camera.



answers from Redding on

Well, if you can't get out of the house, how about playing "ring toss" on his tootsies?
Sounds crazy, I know, but I had a broken leg and just coming up with anything to lighten the mood sometimes can make the days go faster.
Just get out to the mall or a museum. They have handicap access.
Broken legs stink, but you can make it fun as long as you can.
Get your son a camera and let him take pictures of things from his perspective during this time. His leg, your tummy, places you go. You can put a scrap book together for him later.

Best wishes.



answers from Erie on

So sorry about your plight. I'm pulling my hair out with a newborn and a four year old with a broken arm, and your situation sounds much tougher :0

Have you hit the library? We love to just sit and read together. My crew also loves to "window shop" at the mall, Target or even the grocery store. We check out the toys, the snack choices, the kitchen gadgets, whatever they're in the mood to do. You can talk about what choices are healthy and which ones are not, try to find things that start with certain letters, etc. I even let them play with the things that make sense (balls, action figures that aren't in packages, etc.) and then put them back on the shelves. Just wheeling around the mall can be fun, too...

You could also try some fun things that you don't usually do at home: making rice krispie treats, finger painting, making ice cream in a jug (we haven't done this one, but I've been told that you can find the instructions online), just about any sort of craft projects...

Hope you find some fun things to do and best of luck with your new one :)



answers from Chattanooga on

You could go to a zoo or an aquarium.... Does your local library have a story time?



answers from Sacramento on

is there a ceramics studio near you? you could go and make something for baby sister. or an art studio that does stuff for kids? build a bear? good luck and congrats on the baby!

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