Fun Places to Take a One Year Old for Her Birthday??

Updated on August 21, 2010
K.S. asks from Keller, TX
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My daughter is turning ONE in a couple of weeks. We don't have a lot of family or friends here, just my parents and a couple of friends. I thought it would be more fun to spend the day together as a family & do something. But I want to do something that is really fun for her age. Anything within about one hours driving distance would be great.

thanks for the responses so far, the zoo isn't too far but it's so hot we would probably be miserable. I had looked before & I thought I saw some indoor play places that I though would be fun for her but now I can't remember what they were. I'm not stressing about this birthday, I just want to plan a fun family activity for us to do : )

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Your precious daughter will not remember this day. A simple day to the park would be great. What does she like to do normally? Just do that. Enjoy a meal with your parents and friends, maybe a picnic if the weather is nice. Perhaps in the morning when she is at her best for the day. Keep it simple. I have found that the more stressed out parents get about the 1st birthday, the less enjoyable it is. Everyone gets high expectations, which are seldom met. The baby is cranky inevitably from the stress and teething. :) Just enjoy her, and don't fret about it. Enjoy this wonderful milestone!

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answers from Dallas on

The Ft Worth Science Museum is fun. There are a lot of hands on exhibits, The children's area has a pretend hospital (with a nursery) and pretend grocery store and a water play area. I took my 1 yo to see the One Big World show at the planetarium this week...she loved seeing Elmo and BIg BIrd.

The FW museum is fun, we love it and we are members. But the Dallas museum is even better if you are willing to drive. There is a lot more hands on stuff and the children's area has some really fun and creative stuff for the kids. And as an added bonus, unlike the FW musuem, the dino dig is inside and out of the heat.

Let's Jump has a great toddler area and they allow mommy and daddy to play too. You have to call them ahead of time to check the general admission hours. You may want to do a "test run" on this place. The first few visits my little one sat in my lap and watched her brother...the noise of the bouncy stuff scared her.

The FW zoo is great, but it may be a little hot to enjoy that. The Keller Rec center has some discount tickets available.

It's pricey, but the Dallas World Aquarium is a really unique visit. I think it's over priced, but it is unlike anything I have ever seen around here. It's all indoors. And it ends with a view of manatees, something you don't see in Texas.

If you just want a simple party in the park, we are lucky to have some really nice ones. We enjoy Bear Creek Park...definitely bring some bread for the ducks. Johnson Road park has an area specifically meant for 1-5 yo. It also has no water to worry about. We also love the park on Keller Smithfield...but some of those slides are too tall for a 1 yo.

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Check into the Paradise Pond over at the First Baptist Church of Grapevine. My friend has her daughter's party there. We didn't get to go, but she loved it. We have been over there to play and my kids enjoyed it. And, it is inside :)



answers from Augusta on

is there a nice park or a zoo near you? That's always fun for everyone.



answers from Reno on

Is there a zoo nearby? When my sons were that age, a run around the zoo was always a top notch activity. (We lived in Santa Barbara, CA at the time and they have a fantastic zoo.)



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What about Build-a-Bear? She'd probably love watching her teddy bear get made! I believe there's one at Grapevine Mills.



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For my sons' first birthdays (the acutal day, not party) I scheduled a free visit to a gymboree class. I took my older one to a music class and my younger one to a regular gymboree class.
It was so much fun and because I work and they are in child care, we got a day off, together, in the middle of the week and it was heaven on earth.
I believe gymboree will allow more than one adult be present during a class.
there are also Little Gyms around, but I have never been to one.

Have fun!

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