Fun Party Ideas for Super Mario Birthday Party

Updated on September 11, 2008
N.T. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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Hi gals!
I know some of you are creative gals and have super fun parties at home for a fraction of the price of some of the birthday places. We are having my son's party at home with a Super Mario theme. I did get a pinata for the party but I am trying to think of some creative games I can play with six year old boys. I would love any ideas you have. Thanks you!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for the great ideas! It is going to be so fun!

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I've used several ideas from this site. You can search a theme and there are tons of ideas people post on different themed parties.

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I am planning a Mario Bros party for my son's bday as well. If you send me your emai address I can send you a pic of a great cake I'm having made for him. One of the things we'll be doing is as soon as the guests arrive we will split them into two teams. One team will be given red tshirts and the other green. We're painting mustaches on them and we are making Mario and Luigi hats out of craft foam. We are having a scavenger hunt and at each clue there will be gold coins. The team with the most gold coins at the end will win a prize. We are also making marshmallow blow guns out of pvc piping and giving each of the kids a bag of mini marshmallows to have a competition. His party is not until November so I'm still widdling down the rest of my ideas.



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To build or add to Cameron's response - create some sort of Mario-like obstacle course for the boys to go through...hang little bags of gold wrapped chocolate coins throughout for them to try to jump to reach. The prize for making it through could be a bag of coins for each.

What a fun theme - if I come up with more ideas today I'll come back.

Happy Birthday to your son and good luck planning the party!!



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This is a good but silly idea for 6 on up to 12 or 13. The kids are in teams of 2 or 3 and the idea is to unroll a roll of toilet paper around one person of the team to make them like a mummy. You have to use cheap toilet paper so it can keep breaking because they have to roll the person up in unbroken toilet paper. This takes quite a bit of time and keeps everyone laughing and wiggling which helps break the toilet paper more. Good Luck!



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When our son was younger we had a lot of fun at b-day parties.

Some things we did:
1.My husband built a maze out of big boxes in the yard. He put them together with duct tape (of course) and they had tunnels and open spaces, etc. Tons of fun!
2. For a Spiderman party we took very long strands of yarn (the same # as kids at the party) and strung them over and under each other in one room to form sort of a spider web. (You want to not make it too complicated) Then each kid took one end and tried to "unweave" it to find their other end which was tied to something stable.
3. If they can read you can also do a clue hunt to find a treasure. Each clue leads them to the next clue, etc.
4. They also loved it once when everyone got toothpicks and marshmallows and they had to see who could build the tallest structure.

Those are just a few of the many things we've done. I know your son will have a lot of fun whatever you do.




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Oh! Just off the top of my head you can go to home depot and get some small pluming pipes, and you can let the kids pain them green, you can get some pics of the little turtle/ducks and put them on card bored and see who can toss fire balls at them and knock over (you can get the red rubber balls that have the things sticking out all over.)

Sorry that’s all I have so far… I will come back if I think of more!!!

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