Fun Outings for Daisy Troop

Updated on November 16, 2011
K.B. asks from West Chicago, IL
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I am a co-leader for my daughter's Daisy troop and I am looking for some fun and different ideas for outings. I also wouldn't mind some good ideas for crafts during our monthly meetings as well.....any suggestions?

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answers from Philadelphia on

Daisy girls are pretty young. SOme of our best outings from the girls' perspectives were the easiest. We did "nature" outings in the backyard and at the park. We did hunts for lists of things like squirrels and leaves and pine cones, ie plants and animals etc. We did a leaf collection outing just before thanksgiving then the girls made leaf wreathes by gluing the leaves onto construction paper. They loved it.

We also made pine cone peanut butter bird feeders! One meeting collecting another making feeders. We have moved on these days that troop is all cadets now and we make and sell those same feeders at craft fairs to raise money for trips.

Did you buy the leader book? it is chock full of ideas but you can also get tons on line at the site. Have fun! They're little people keep it simple.

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answers from San Antonio on

I have recently subscribed to Family Fun magazine and they have some great crafty ideas! I think they're all online in addition to in the magazine:

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answers from Boston on

Visting a local animal shelter is usually a big hit. My daughter's troop did that last year. Prior to the visit they made cat toys (sock with catnip in it) as a service project. The girls loved learning about animals and seeing them.

The fire station is usually a pretty big hit at that age too.

I am a leader this year and we are planning on going to PETCO (we are doing the Journey re: animals so we figured it would fit in with learning how to take care of animals).

You could also take a tour of a grocery store to learn about healthy eating.

A trip to a dance studio or karate studio would be fun if you have a local studio that would give a lesson for free.

As far as crafts go, make sure you always have some coloring sheets etc around for girls who finish quickly. I found some flowers on line (that go with the Daisy petals) and the girls can color those and put them on popsicle sticks for puppets. Our troop has been working on those in our free time (e.g. beginning of meetings before everyone is there). You can make necklaces/bracelets etc out of pony beads or make a caterpillar out of pom poms. Last year, my daughter made instruments out of items around the house (e.g. put rice inside a plastic Easter egg, made harmonicas from popsicle sticks etc).

If you google Daisy troop crafts on line, you can find a ton of ideas. Have fun!

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answers from Kansas City on

For crafts go to don't purchase from them but I "steal" there ideas and use our tub full of supplies to create the crafts.

Outings: we've been bowling, ice skating, rollerskating, backyard camping, toured the fire station. Girls had "makeovers" and dolled themselves up in there troop t-shirts they made and we went to the local Alzheimers Unit and did a fashion show. They sang songs and talked to those who could answer they talked about what the patience did for a living and what the girls wanted to be.

This year:
Federal Reserve Tour
Police Station Tour
Some of the girls were "reporters" for the county newspaper and published an article about what they did at the town fair. (the newspaper did not change the 1st grade spelling and it's so awesome)
Marched in the local parade
We had a Yoga instructor come in and the girls did 20 minutes of Yoga and talked about Respecting Yourself.
we are going to participate in Thinking Day
Go to a puppet show

Possible activities: Museum, Nutcracker

I haven't checked but thought the post office might be interesting. Our Daisy love to get invovled and go try new "scary" things...they even have on their wish list to ride in a Monster Truck...not sure how/if I pull that off. But we wont' mark it off until council says "No" (which I'm sure they will) but it's ok to dream.

I know I'm just rambling and throwing things out there. Sorry for any confusion.

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answers from Eugene on

There is a kind of clay that hardens and can be painted when dry. It does not need to be fired. It's a good indoor project as each girl can make a bowl or an animal of her choice.
Outdoors I have had kids stand in a circle around the tree and hug it. It is amazing how they identify with the tree and know how a tree communicates after this exercise.



answers from Chicago on

almost all stores will do free tours or very cheap tours. So McD's, Coldstone, grocery store, Pizza places, etc. Check out for crafts and stuff to do, tons of ideas there. You can get the Chicago Parent, Oakley's Guide or check the internet for your town's things that are going on. The girl scout council sponsors TONS of fun things as well to attend, contact them for the book of things to do. Local schools do plays and musicals.

Have fun!!



answers from New York on

My daughters are now a senior and an ambassador, they started in 1st grade as brownies (it changed a few years ago). Some of the outings they done at a younger age...
go to an orchard and pick apples - hayride (probably too late for this year)
attend a play (check out high school productions)
visit a fire station
sing holiday songs at a nursing home
go to a park and do a hike packing a picnic lunch, or a nature scavenger hunt
rollerskating/ice skating
a trip to the public library
marched in the Christmas and Memorial Day parades

craft ideas...
make holiday cards for our troops or veterans

make a snowman out of a tube sock, fill the sock with some rice or beans (you can also use fiberfill, but need the rice or beans in the bottom so he stands up) , put two rubberbands around the middle so you have what looks like 3 equal sections, and one near the top, fold over the top of the sock to look like a hat. Add a scarf made from scrap material and some googlie eyes.

make a bird feeder by covering a pine cone in peanut butter and coating with bird seed - tie on a piece of string or yarn for hanging

make an oranament out of a pine cone, by tying on a fancy ribbon, paint on some glue and sprinkle with glitter

make a book mark using heavy stock paper, punch a hole in the top and add a fancy ribbon, see if you can laminate it - makes a nice Christmas gift

make snowflakes, just fold white copy paper and cut out shapes

Check out family fun magazine. They have some great ideas. You can find them on-line.

Have fun!

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