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Updated on October 05, 2010
H.L. asks from Saint John, IN
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Hi Ladies,

These questions are always fun!! My husband and I are expecting a new baby in just 6 weeks (or so) and although we have been told to expect a girl, I like to be prepared. We have a girls name and are somewhat agreed on a boys name, but suggestions are always fun and you may think of names that we haven't. The middle name for a boy is Frederick (after my grandfather that just passed away) and our last name starts with an L, has 2 syllables and 6 letters. The name that we are considering right now is Levi Frederick. My daughter's name is Makenna Grace (Grace is also after a grandparent) so something that goes with that would be nice. Thanks for your help!!!


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We had a girl and named her Calleigh Anne.

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answers from Chicago on

sorry, but I am all about "regular" names, especially for boys. I would go with Michael or Matthew. maybe Mitchell. If you are looking for a name with "M". If you are looking for an "L" name.. maybe Lawrence(Larry). When I hear the name Levi, I can't help but think of jeans.

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answers from San Francisco on

I with Vicki... Mason Frederick! Mason and Makenna sound cute together.


answers from Los Angeles on

How about splitting up the middle name?

Rick Fred L.
Ricky Fred L.
Richard Fred L.

or reverse it and use the middle name? this way it sounds more like "Frederick."

Mackenna and Ricky ... sounds cute!



answers from Boise on

If you like the L, my grandfather's middle name was Lucien (could be shortened to Luke). My family is full of Fredericks:
Frederick Boyd
Frederick Martin
Frederick Teodore (Theodore)

You could flip any of those around.


answers from Philadelphia on

Cooper Frederick
Dixon Frederick
Mason Frederick
Dylan Frederick

I like Cooper the best, it has a ring to it... Cooper Frederick... and Cooper & Makenna sounds cute too! Like a law firm or



answers from Chicago on

How about for a girl Makayla, Amber, Savanah
For a boy Isaiah, Matthew, James
Now that I have read your letter again do you already have a daughter or is that the name you have decided will be your daughters name? I pray the baby is healthy and happy. Get some rest before your gift arrives, because they are so precious to watch when they sleep that us mom often forget to get some sleep with them.



answers from Alexandria on

It's funny that your mention the syllables, we do that in my family. My maiden name has two syllables so does my first and middle. My parents did that with all four of us. Did similar with our kids (first and last same syllables). Names just sound better with good rythym of syllables!
That being said I would consider a name with 2 syllables so you have a 2-3-2 flow.
I think Levi Frederick or Thomas Frederick sound very good!
Michael Frederick
Dylan Frederick
William Frederick
All classic good male names!
Cooper Frederick



answers from Chicago on

Levi Frederick is a great name. If that's the name you like best, go with it!
Congratulations to you and your husband!



answers from Colorado Springs on

Makenna Grace has a nice sound to it, a nice rhythm. How about a one-syllable first name to go with the two- (or three-) syllable middle name? John Frederick? ...Well, maybe there aren't too many one-syllable names. I can't think of too many, anyhow, come to think of it! Evan Frederick? Charles Frederick? Say the whole name several times and if it "sings" to you and makes you smile, it may be a keeper.


answers from Dover on

What about Matthew or Jason Frederick.



answers from Chicago on

How about the name Logan Frederick? I love the sound of that.


answers from Seattle on


I like Van Frederick...that sounds neat!



answers from Lansing on

Mason Frederick L.
Makenna and Mason sound cool as sister/brother names.
But, I do like Levi.


answers from Los Angeles on

I actually like Levi. That was on my list if we had a boy. =)



answers from Springfield on

Levi Frederick sounds great. I cant think of anything better

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