Fun Ideas for Son's 10Th Sleepover Birthday Party

Updated on November 13, 2009
M.A. asks from Lubbock, TX
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Good morning!

My son will be turning 10 on December 5th and is wanting to do another sleepover party. We had one last year with about 12 boys and had a blast! My husband created a ping-pong tournament and heated the garage and the boys played out there most of the night. Well, unfortunately we left our pp table on the back patio and it got rained on and got ruined. Soooo, I am looking for other ideas to keep around 15 rowdy ten year old boys entertained from 6 PM to 10 AM. It will be cold and dark outside... Might just have to buy another ping pong table...

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One of the funnest b-day parties my 10 year old went to was a scavenger hunt and then a nerf gun "war". They divided into 2 teams - red & blue and whichever team finished 1st won. Then after cake they did a nerf gun war. The teams each took a side of the room and everyone had brought their own nerf guns. It was great ! The boys had a wonderful time. Another idea is a video game contest if you have a console or 2.



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Go to the recruters office and tell them that you are having a birthday party and you need hats, party favors, etc for party bags. Take the items and hide them around the house, have the kids do a scavenger hunt to find all the items...make it Army themed or whichever office you go to. The bonus is that you dont have to pay out money for party favors, its all free and the kids will stay busy looking for the items to put into thier bags to take home. :-)



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A friend of mine put together a camo party and had the kids come dressed in camo. Then she had her husband and a bunch of his friends come as military trainers and run the kids through boot camp activities. They had relays going through the tires, doing push-ups and jumping jacks,they also had a scavanger hunt. My friend made a cake that looked like a military tank. She also went to the recruiters office and got some items to use as party favors. I believe she ordered the "dog tags" from oriental trading. I did a quick google on Camo Cake and found lots of great cake ideas. I'd love to hear how it turns out. I plan to do this for my son in the spring.



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Maybe your husband and son could use a sheet of plywood, some sandpaper and paint; and build a new top for your PP table. If you used clamps to hold it in place you could remove the top and store it inside the garage or wherever to protect it when it wasn't in use.


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