Fun for 4 Yr Olds

Updated on October 14, 2011
W.Y. asks from Ypsilanti, MI
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My daughter is having her first sleepover next weekend since we moved into our new home. Both girls are 4 and a half and I was wanting to find something fun for the three of us to do at home. What suggestions do you have?

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So What Happened?

thanks for the great suggestions! I would have never thought of doing fun! I think I'm as excited as both girls for this night, lol

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answers from Austin on

Bake something all together.

Hide and seek. But for this age, we used to hide a toy.. Usually a stuffed animal. We also had rules. No kitchen, no grown up bedrooms and it had to be hidden in the house.

Build tents with blankets and sheets.

Dress up.. take photos.

Watch a video.

Play Candy Land and other board games.

Maybe do a craft of some sort.

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answers from San Francisco on

If you've got empty moving boxes, the possibilities are endless - make forts, castles, houses, buses, whatever they like for pretend play. Use a box for a puppet stage and make paper bag puppets or sock puppets and put on a puppet show. Decorate cookies. Make necklaces out of cheerios or dried macaroni. Read stories and act them out.

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answers from Dallas on

4 year olds are so easy! Lol. Buy some new coloring books and a spankin new box of crayons, do a halloween craft (they have cute ones at the dollar tree), bake cookies, read a halloween story, paint nails, watch a movie with popcorn (in the living room!), play some games. Endless!

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answers from St. Louis on

we just did Apple Jack necklaces today! Used children's plastic needles....& even the 2 2yo boys could manage the needles. They did a great job. (we did Apple Jacks to tie in with our fall/Halloween theme)

Fingerprint animals....simple stamp pads in a variety of colors. Let them do the fingerprints on a sturdy piece of paper. When they're dry, take a fineline permanent marker & add details: tails, ears,eyes for mice. Beaks, feathers, feet for birds. You can also make fish, dogs, cats,.......... Kids love doing this project!

Let them carve/paint/decorate pumpkins!

Oh, & be very aware that not all 4yos are ready to stay the entire night. Quite often pickup has to occur in the middle of the night....& that's a.o.k.



answers from Houston on

Paint fingernails & toe nails! You could take turns so they don't get bored waiting. Paint one girls first finger, then the other girls. Then first girls middle finger, then the other girls. You could also put make up on them & then dress them up & take pics & do a fashion show! :) Have fun!

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