Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

Updated on March 02, 2012
A.P. asks from Fairfield, CT
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Hi all,
I'm helping to throw my sister-in-law's bridal shower next month and wonder if you've seen any fun games or activities at past showers. She's been very clear that she doesn't want any of the traditional cheezy games such as wrap the bride in toilet paper. It's going to be a "happy hour shower" from 4-6pm. Not sure yet about food, but definitely wine and beer, and maybe a signature cocktail. I'd really like to have some sort of fun activity to avoid just sitting around eating and watching gift opening.
Any thoughts?

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answers from Sacramento on

How well does bride know groom! Ask him a series of questions about himself. Ask her the questions about him at the shower, and for every wrong answer, she has to chew bubble yum. It's so funny to see her answering with a huge wad of gum in her mouth!!

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answers from Dallas on

cute ideas! I went to one where the theme of the party was "Wig Out." The hostess asked us all to wear pink wigs and to make a donation to Susan G Komen foundation in the Brides name. Her mother was a cancer survivor. We all had so much fun with our hot pink wigs. We got a lot of attention. It really was a blast.

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answers from Kansas City on

I remember a few things we did at bridal showers, but it was LONG AGO!! So maybe people don't do this anymore, but here they are. Take all the ribbons and bows from all the gifts, and make a "bouquet" for the bride for her rehearsal. You can tape them to a paper plate. It is something nice that she can keep forever if she wants. Then we also once put a whole bunch of ingredients on the kitchen counter, and made the bride make a cake from scratch, with no recipe. She had to use memory or whatever, then you serve it to the guests if it is edible!! It is just a fun way to see how good of a cook the bride will be!! We had some laughs at that anyway. Hope you have a great time no matter what you do!!

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answers from New York on

One of the best bridal showers I ever went to had a professional belly dancer come and show us ladies how it's done. Definitely not traditional and surely fun.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My Cousin had a cocktail shower. they did a display shower so there was no opening gifts. I know some people do no like that idea...
Her "favors" we small... coasters I think... but everyone who came got tickets to win baskets. Family, friends, bridal party creater theme baskets to be given away.... I won one so I loved that lol
At My sister in laws shower we did the newlywed game. Before the shower I asked my brother a bunch of questions to see how closely she matched..
this one sounds cute too...



answers from Cumberland on

If you really want to have fun-ask the guys/dads to attend-they add a whole different dimension!



answers from New York on

At my bridal shower, my sisters asked my husband a ton of questions and we all had to answer them. The goal was to "beat the bride" in the number of matching responses. It was cute and pretty quick.


answers from Chicago on

I think it might be helpful to know a guest count and who creates it. If it is all the women invited to the wedding, 50-60 then it could take two hours just to do the gifts, if it is the bridal party and family 15-25 then a small activity would suffice. I would post pictures of the couple around the house (common areas) and have people guess what the story behind it is. Place the stories in a basket and read a few of the fun ones to the group with or with out names and then share the actual story.

Ex: a Picture of the couple kissing at the Eiffel Tower - is this where the couple met? Is this photoshopped because this is where the couple dreams to go together? Is this a lasting memory of a disaster vacation that included lost passports and an odd hotel?

It is fun because some may know the story and some may not, creative minds go to crazy places and bring laughter and it gives the guests an opportunity to get to know the couple better and scattering them allows the guests to feel comfortable in the space. I would put some on the coffee table, food tables, on the TV if it is not covered up, bathroom, gifts table, hallway - where ever guests may find themselves - even have one in the "smokers area" if you have guests that smoke.


answers from Dover on

If you are looking for a game, you could do something like "who knows the bride or couple the best?". You make a list of questions for everyone to answer. The bride answers (on paper) as everyone else does too (also on paper). Questions like...bride's full name, groom's full name, their best friend's names and/or who are the best man and maid of honor, how did they meet, their favorite colors, favorite movies, etc. Person w/ most right wins.


answers from Seattle on

My best friend is getting married in two weeks!

So this is something I have done in the recent past:)

Best game ever......She bought a gazillion rolls of Toilet Paper....Each of the bridesmaids were the models....and we broke the party up into four teams.

Each team had to make a wedding dress on the model via TP.

You can also add headdress/veil and accessories....Like with my team we took one of the empty rollers and strung TP through it and made jewelry.

Judging was done by the Moms of the bride and groom....My team won!

My dress had a veil, train and accessories:)

Probably the best game I have ever played at a shower:)


answers from Spokane on

I have a game saved from the shower I threw for my SIL. It's called "what's in a woman's purse". It was quite fun, we had a great time with it! Items are awarded different points and she who has the most points wins. My prizes were plants.
Anyway, PM me with your email address if you want the game (things like gum = 1 point, childs toy = 5, pic of mom = 10, memory stick = 15).