Fun Birthday Ideas for 2 Year Old

Updated on January 06, 2009
J.P. asks from Muskego, WI
6 answers

My daughter turns 2 in February. I'm looking for fun ideas for other moms. Can you lovely ladies direct me to some ideas? Thanks!

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answers from La Crosse on

you can play games such as pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and blow up little water balloons and have them sit on them 'til they pop--for a prize w/each poppoed balloon....there is always duck-duck/goose & musical chairs. happy birthday!



answers from Minneapolis on

FOR other moms? Not sure what you mean... The parents at my sons' 2nd party were just happy to get out and socialize, as was I since I'm so busy I don't get to do that often.



answers from Madison on

For my daughter's 2nd bday, we had a Dora the Explorer Adventure. My daughter loves Dora, it was so much fun for the kids and the parents had a good time too! I made the invites look like Dora's backpack, as everyone arrived the kids got their own backpack (purple lunch sack with face on side) with map and supplies inside. I planned the adventure like a Dora story. We needed to find the Pinata so we asked map how to get there. 1st we went thru Bubble Garden (I bought some cheap bubble machines and the kids had a blast popping the bubbles and dancing to Dora music), next we went over the troll bridge on rubber ducky pond (we had to solve the Troll riddle: What has feathers on its back, walks with a waddle, and says quack quack?) the kids got pick a rubber ducky (walmart 50 cents each)and then we made it to the Pinata.... Then we played pin the boots on Boots and had cake and stuff.

My daughter will be 3 in march and we are having a dancing princess or prince party.

Other ideas: many gymnastics clubs like The little gym or here in Madison- Madtown Twisters have kids birthday packages, little ladies tea party, any character your daughter likes with coordinating games, ...
I like and

Have fun!



answers from Minneapolis on

Abrakadoodle! They do the best birthday parties for 2 year olds. They are in St. Louis Park and hold their parties at kiddywampus, which is this cool interactive toy store and art studio on Excelsior Blvd next to Trader Joes. The space is huge, colorful and designed for kids. It's really neat. The staff has everyone doodle with crayons, markers, stamps, play doh etc. while the kids get settled. Then they gather all of the kids/adults in a circle where they sing a welcome song and read a story. After, the kids/parents move to the art tables where the staff leads the parents/kids through a fun art project (which you pick). Then their staff takes care of serving the cake, cleaning up and helping your child open the presents. They even make the list of who brought what present. It's great because during the art project the parents sit right next to their child and help the child so they get some fun one on one creative time, but the rest of the time the Abrakadoodle staff takes care of everything so the moms and dads can just have fun and socialize while the kids eat, etc. Plus you get to do art and make a huge mess, but not have to clean up anything. It's a little more expensive than an at home party, but well worth every penny. Also, you don't have to do goody bags because each child takes home their framed art project. You can check them out at or on the kiddywampus website ( You can also have them come do a party in your home, but with 2 year olds I think it's nice to get the mess out of the house. They were voted best birthday party and best art classes in the Twin Cities on Connect and have been featured in both Minnesota Monthly and Mpls. St. Paul Magazine.

Plus, with three little boy babies at home it sounds like you have your hands full. It might be nice to just have someone else take care of all of the details. The only thing you have to do once you book then is send out the invites (which they provide) and then show up with the cake. They'll do everything else. So no need to buy decorations, clean the house, make goody bags, etc. It's so easy and the kids and parents all have a blast. Hope that helps!



answers from Minneapolis on

check out have some fun ideas



answers from Minneapolis on

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Take it from a mom who usually goes overboard on parties- kids just like to play! I love the bubbles idea. Cupcakes and finger foods are great for little hands. For gift bags, I recommend sticking to inexpensive things like sidewalk chalk, crayons, play dough, stickers, costume jewelry, etc.

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