Fully Potty Trained

Updated on April 28, 2011
J.P. asks from Little Elm, TX
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What does 'fully potty trained" mean? I was going to sign my 3 year old up for a summer dance camp. I wondered what it means to be fully potty trained. She has done pretty good. She wears pull ups at night. She has been potty trained for about two months. She might have an accident every once in a while. It seems her accidents have been at home when she is playing. Should I sign her up?

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So What Happened?

I talked with the dance center and they said it sounded like she was prepared to attend the camp. They said they just don't want her in diapers or pull ups. That they can go on their own. They have bathroom breaks throughout the morning. I was also concerned about my DD being able to get out of a leotard. They can wear the t-shirt they get. We will have practice with her swimsuit during swim lessons, so that will be helpful in case she wants to wear a leotard.
Thank you for the responses.

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I would ask them how they define it, but generally it means that she wears underwear while she is there (no pull-ups) and can get to the bathroom on her own - she does not need reminders from anyone, can pull down her pants, wipe reasonably well, and pull her pants back up without assistance.

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answers from Chicago on

I would ask those that run the program it seems everyone has their own defenition of this in my experience.



answers from Dallas on

Definitely ask the program. For me, it means underwear with only an occasional accident. But able to go in and pull down their pAnts, pee pee, poop, and get their own pants up. It. Does not mean for me, night trIned as well. Night trained can take years as it is physiological. As far as wiping for poop goes, my pedi said that most kids do not have the dexterity to do this well until they are at least five. So if thats the definition, then i bet tons of kids are not so called potty trained u til much later.

But , they are not adults and they will have accidents every now and then! sheesh!


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You should ask the camp. Everyone has their own definition.

For preschool, my son needs to be "completely potty trained", which to them, means totally independent in the bathroom. No teachers are allowed to go in and help the kids in any way (help with zippers or pulling up pants, etc...).



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Potty trained means just that.... I absolutely HATE when women SAY that their kids "pee in the potty" once....then pee the bed, they still will say that they are "potty trained"......no....not so much.
When your kid can pee and poop in the pot like WE do...your kid is potty trained.
My DD has never wet the bed....potty trained, as they say.....means , just like us, going to the potty, when we need to go...



answers from Minneapolis on

Usually it means that she needs to go to the bathroom by herself, without being asked and without help. I would ask them, though.



answers from New York on

I think fully potty trained means no training pants or pampers at all. Idk. That's just my opinion.

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