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Updated on June 02, 2008
J.M. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Has anyone ever heard of Triv fuel.com? A company where you can prepay for cheaper gas and get reimbursed for what you pay at the pump. Please let me know if you or friends have used it before.
I'm considering it for summer vacation, but am a little skeptical.

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So What Happened?

For now I've decided against TRIV fuel. I just don't have enough information that it would be a good choice without the risk of being taken for my $.
Thanks for input and searching. J.

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I have not heard of Triv fuel.com but I have used a gas pill that gave me a 20% increase in my mileage when I went on vacation. I bought these pills from a friend who owns a car dealership- he said some of his customers have gotten even better results than I did. If you are interested you can call him at ###-###-#### his name is Mel Williams.



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I was curious after reading your post so I checked out their web site and I am more than a bit skeptical.

The pricing on their web site for the going rate of fuel hasn't been updated since Aug.2007...

They are offering what I would classify as "diffently too good to be true" pricing. Gas (as of Fri. in S-SE Arlington was going for 3.82-3.84 per gallon....
They are offering units for 2.05 and saying they will reimburse you the difference...At todays prices that's 1.77 per gallon......
I don't see anyway they can do this and stay in business. Before I did anything I would check with the Dallas BBB. Where their P.O.Box is listed they give no physical address.
There is too much missing information here for me. I think it's a scam.




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Please let me know if you here people who have heard of this I have seen things on the news or Good Morning America about places like this and they are good but I do not remember the place I heard about...... Good Luck let me know what you find out

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