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Updated on March 31, 2008
S.K. asks from Burnsville, MN
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How do I tackfully tell several co-workers to keep their personal complaining, bitching and problems to themselves or save it for break and lunch time. I share my office with one other person but the main computer, copier and printer are in here also, so I have a lot of traffic coming through here. They start to complain and it escalates to a full on discussion and it disrupts my work pace. I am on the phone at times with customers and I always wonder if they can hear them.

One of these people is a supervisor, so it would do no good to talk to her about it. It started right at 7:30am this morning a half and hour after I got here. It puts a damper on my day.

I have nothing against having a good friend at work you can confide in and trust. But I do feel there is a time and place for these type of discussions and also not everyone wants or needs to know your history and hear you bash your husband, family, etc. These people are not picky as to who hears their comments and complaining. One person does this for attention, she always has to be the center of attention and if she isn't at the moment she will make sure she does or says something that takes away from what is being done to put the the attention on to herself.

Do I just keep ignoring these people and wait until someone important hears them and disciplines them. Any suggestions?????

There are times when she looks at me as if she thinks I should comment and I don't. I don't have time for this at work and I too have my own issues that I deal with but outside of work with my good friends, family and husband. My family and friends are very supportive of me so I don't have to look outside of that for advise or to vent.

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So What Happened?

I haven't deceided what to do yet but everyones suggestions are great. I may use a combination of them to get my point across. I sent an invite to one of the people who does this in the office and maybe she will read my request and see that it is inappropriate in the work place. Thank you all!

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I don't know if you'd feel comfortable doing this but you could put a sign at your desk or wall saying no whining or complaining!

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I understand your pain! I work in HR at MOA and our office seems to be communal, our copier is right next to our Assitant (she is ALWAYS upset about something). Also my office is between our interviewers and our recuiters so there is alot of traffic and often I am meeting with employees or potential new hires when the complning ensues. I agree that the best approach is non-confrontational. Blame it on your customers by saying they are having a difficult time hearing you, and you dont mean to be difficult but you really want to focus on your work. Your supervisor should especially appreciate this, otherwise it is time to contact your HR department. Especially because if customers start to complain your going to be left holding the bag!
I wish you luck!

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well being one of your higher ups are in the bitching crew you will have to be careful and maybe say very nicely , hay guys i cant hear or hay i am trying to work but then again they may think bad of you maybe you can ask if your desk could be moved , that you are to close to traffic area and you feel that it is effecting your job and that way you dont have to point that finger ( good luck )

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